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Hyundai Wants You To Check Your Back Seat

Hyundai is bringing awareness to parents to check their back seats before exiting the car, especially during these hot summer months.

Hyundai is trying to save your child’s life because we hear about children getting locked inside cars during excruciatingly hot summer days far too often. All Hyundai wants is for you to check your back seat before leaving your car because some of you have forgotten that you are carrying around your offspring in the back seat.

Hyundai Rear SeatHyundai Safety Features

It is devastating to hear on the news that another child has to pass away due to individual parents’ negligence, so Hyundai is committed to including Rear Occupant Alert (ROA) standard on most models by 2022. Hyundai is already offering this technology on the 2020 Sonata, Sonata Hybrid Palisade, and Santa Fe as standard. It’s great to see Hyundai making sure this technology is currently available on commonly purchased family vehicles in the Hyundai lineup.

Hyundai Rear Seat Sensor

I have recently reviewed the new 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited Hybrid as well as the 2020 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited. After turning the vehicle off, a message would appear along with an audible chime to remind you to check the rear seats. This is part of the ROA tech; however, the ultrasonic sensor is also capable of sensing movement in the second row after the vehicle is locked. If motion is detected, the horn will be honked, and if equipped with Blue Link, an alert will get sent to the driver’s smartphone.

Hyundai's Tips For Child Safety

Hyundai has some tips for Adults with children, which are listed below:
• Place a briefcase, purse, or cell phone next to the child’s car seat so that you’ll always check the back seat before leaving the car.
• Keep a stuffed animal or another memento in your child’s car seat when it’s empty. Move it to the front seat as a visual reminder when your child is in the back seat.
• Set a rule for your child care provider; have them call you if your child doesn’t arrive as scheduled.
Source: Hyundai

Hyundai Child Safety Conclusion

With summer on its way, let’s all do our best to help avoid a tragedy. Hyundai is doing its part by implementing technology, but we as humans need to do a better job of looking after children. Now, of course, it’s not every parent in the world locking their kids up in a hot car, but let’s be more aware of such a simple but serious matter.

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