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You Set The New Honda Civic On Fire And They Can’t Put It Out

The new 2020 Honda Civic is on fire and it appeals to new-car shoppers. See what it has to offer first-time buyers.


The old saying “If you build it they will come” does apply to the 2020 Honda Civic. If you are a first-time car buyer, millennial or multicultural shopper you set the Honda Civic compact on fire and the Japanese automaker can’t put it out. While the rest of the auto industry pretty much ignores you by killing sedans and building bigger family SUVs and Crossovers, Honda brings you the popular Civic compact.

Why are you buying so many new Honda Civic models? It’s affordable, with a starting price of $19,550, gets good fuel mileage, and you can get it in sedan, hatchback, and coupe body styles. But there’s more.

2020 Honda Civic

Honda could have gone the way of Ford and dropped its car lineup, but Honda was smart and decided to keep Civic and offer you lots of choices. Civic also comes in Civic Si Coupe and Sedan trims (25,000) bringing sporty and fuel-efficient models. Honda also offers the Civic Type R hot hatch for performance enthusiasts who have a little more money to spend ($36,300).

Honda’s formula is simple and it works. They bring you a car that is more than simple transportation, it also comes in an attractive package and it’s got the styling and a car you want your friends to see you in. And you don’t have to take risks buying a car you aren’t too sure if it will last.

2020 Honda Civic Type R

You’ve talked to your friends, done your research and found Honda has a reputation for being reliable, they hold their value, and Civic has been a standout in the segment for decades. It’s a safe bet to last you until you are ready to trade up.

It’s amazing that almost 20 percent of the passenger cars sold in America are Hondas because younger shoppers like yourself have set the Civic on fire by buying lots of them. The Civic is the hottest compact car in the U.S. and there is no stopping it.

2020 Honda Civic Si

A new generation of first-time car buyers, millennials and multicultural shoppers have told the auto industry to go take a flying leap with their SUVs and Crossover lineups. They are thanking the Japanese automaker for bringing the 2020 Honda Civic with plenty of trim options.

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Photo credit: Honda USA