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You Can “Try Before You Buy” a Hot New Subaru Turbo Wagon For Up to 1 Year; There’s Only One Catch

You can “try before you buy” a new Subaru turbocharged wagon for up to one year. There’s only one catch.

Subaru is offering a unique deal where you can “try before you buy” a new turbo Subaru Levorg wagon. The only catch? It’s only being offered in Australia. It’s a cool new concept though for consumers in the Sydney and Brisbane markets.

What’s Subaru AU up to?

Subaru AU has partnered with DriveMyCar, who provides the platform, that enables Subaru to provide “try before you buy” experiences to its potential customers. Subaru is using the hot Levorg turbo wagon to launch the program, but may later expand it to include their Forester, Outback, Crosstrek and other models if it takes off.

Subaru will start with seven Levorg turbo wagons in the Sydney market and three in Brisbane. Subaru AU is helping pioneer the newest development in car rental. They are the first automaker to operate the program with DriveMyCar.

How does it work?

Approved users can search for cars located where they live, and vehicles can be booked for any period, from seven to 365 days. All rentals include insurance, including damage, theft and roadside assistance. According to, renters can save up to 62 percent compared to traditional car rental companies.

Subaru Managing Director, Colin Christie, said, “It’s a great way to promote both the Subaru brand and initially, the new Levorg turbo. There’s every chance we could expand it to other models, with the vehicles then returning to our Subaru used vehicle stock after a certain period, providing an additional pool for our dealer network, where demand is huge for used.”

Another first for Subaru AU

Subaru Australia is also being innovative with their service departments. They are the first country to introduce mobile service vans. Subaru mobile service technicians perform services at the convenience of the customer’s chosen location, whether at home, shopping center, or office. The new service is part of Subaru’s “do” rebrand initiative, to be innovative and “do things differently”, ultimately creating positive change for customers.

Both are innovative concepts that allows consumers to “try before you buy” and get their Subaru vehicles conveniently serviced by a mobile van. Subaru is starting the DriveMyCar with their new Levorg turbo wagon, but could expand the offering to the Forester, Outback and Crosstrek all-wheel-drive vehicles. The only catch, you have to live near Sydney or Brisbane to “try” one.

Source: Subaru AU

Photo: Subaru