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You Can’t Buy New Crosstrek PHEV Unless You Live in These 10 US States

Subaru launches a first-ever 2019 Crosstrek plug-in-hybrid, but you can’t buy one unless you live in these 10 U.S. states.

Subaru’s all-new 2019 Crosstrek plug-in-hybrid is coming later this year, but the fuel-stingy model will only be sold in 10 U.S. states. It’s popular in the Rocky Mountains and the state of Washington, but you won’t be able to buy one in these regions. According to The Gazette, Subaru Corp will only build “limited quantities” of the new 2019 Crosstrek with electric technology.

Subaru Corporation’s plans are to only sell the Crosstrek PHEV in the 10 states that have adopted zero-emissions vehicle requirements, Colorado dealerships are telling customers. There are only nine states that have adopted California's ZEV program. They are Connecticut, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont. So unless you live in California or one of these states in the North East, you are out of luck.

The California zero emissions vehicle (ZEV) regulation requires automakers to offer a number of electric cars and trucks for sale with the number of vehicles is linked to the companies overall sales within the state. It forces automakers to spend their research and development dollars on all-electric technology.

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Colorado is one state where Subaru has been popular and the Outback is the number-one-selling vehicle in the state. The Subaru Crosstrek is also a popular vehicle and it’s leading the brand’s stable of all-wheel-drive vehicles. Conservation Colorado, an environmental advocate, and Southwest Energy Efficiency Project (SWEEP), a public-interest organization promoting greater energy efficiency in the west, were both shocked when they heard Subaru won’t sell the new Crosstrek PHEV in Colorado.

Will Toor, the transportation program director for SWEEP told the Gazette, "Despite the fact that Colorado has some of the strongest consumer demand for electric vehicles, most car manufacturers don't sell all their electric models here. States that have adopted zero emission standard get up to three times as many models.”

The new 2019 Subaru Crosstrek won’t be sold were they are the most popular, in the Rocky Mountains and the state of Washington. Unless these states adopt tougher air-quality standards, environmentally conscious consumers who live in these regions won’t get any new fuel-stingy Crosstreks.

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That's a simple fix, a flight from Denver to LA is about $100 one way. We'll just fly out to California, pick up the car for a quick vacation and drive it back to Colorado.
It’s totally legal to do that you just have to pay Colorado sales tax
I don't think it's that easy. Sounds like you have to be a resident of one of those states...just like Americans aren't allowed to buy models sold only in Canada. We live in Washington, a 2 hour drive from Oregon, but I think we would have trouble getting our hands on the Crosstrek PHEV. Might have to settle for the Mitsubishi AWD PHEV.
You can buy a car in whatever state you want you just have to pay the tax That applies in your home state
Could you go buy it in California and bring it back to Colorado?
The issue may not be whether you can buy a Suburu PHEV in another state and then licience it a state where you live. The important issue may be whether you're local Suburu dealership will sevice the vehicle or not. You may be stuck with getting survice in the state where you bought it. Anyone know what Suburu's plan is on that issue???
I live in Florida. Can I buy a Suburu Cross Trek electric car in a state that sells them and return to my home in Florida and register it and have it seviced as well in Florida.
I'd like to know this as well as I'm currently looking at them.
I live in Tennessee and want a Subaru PHEV. If I travel to New York and buy or lease one there and drive it home will I be able to have it serviced at my current dealer in Tennessee?
I'm in WA. I sent an email to Subi North America, and pointed out that they are missing out on a golden opportunity to sell into states that don't require zero emissions, but are full of folks who WANT to buy this car. They said that any dealer can opt in to being a seller, but I've heard that they need to invest in the equipment necessary to service the electrical motors. I'm going to try to press my local dealer to opt in. Seems to me that they would more than make up the cost of the new equipment by being the only or one of the only dealers in WA who sell this car.
@Steve did you succeed in getting a dealer to sell them? I am in Seattle and also sent an email to Subaru corporate, and got the same response. Would be happy to try to help convince whatever dealer you've been talking with.