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Why the V8 engine is not dead: Introducing the powerful AMG GT engine [video]

At the heart of the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT is a powerful yet efficient V8 engine. How did AMG do it?

The technology that went into the new 2015 Mercedes AMG GT 4.0-liter V8 Biturbo engine was learned and earned through Mercedes-AMG involvement in motorsports at the highest level. This technology was transfered from Formula 1 and the DTM to customer sport activities in the SLS AMG GT3. This knowledge was transferred and optimized for daily use in production vehicles like the 2014 CLA-Class, 2015 GLA-Class and now the 2015 AMG GT performance car.

Powerful and efficient

The new AMG GT V8 is closely related to the AMG 2.0-liter turbo engine in the A 45 AMG, CLA 45 AMG and GLA 45 AMG, which is currently the most powerful, series-production four-cylinder engine in the world. Both AMG engines have the same bore/stroke ratio, ensuring their high revving ability. They also both use a third-generation direct gas injection with piezo injectors. The highly efficient and economical AMG 4.0-liter, V8 biturbo meets the Euro 6 emissions standard and the maximum particulate emissions level that takes effect in 2016.

Innovative technology

This engines stability is derived from the rigid crankcase and lightweight forged pistons. To help reduce friction losses, the cylinder walls are lined with an innovative nanoslide coating. It features a dry sump lubrication technology the front mid-engine does not not require a conventional oil pan and moves the engine center of gravity closer to the road. This creates a significant improvement for driving dynamics and high lateral acceleration.

To keep the unit as compact as possible, the engines two turbochargers are located inside the hot inner V8 engine block. An exceptional engine response is created due to the precise routing of fresh air into the exhaust turbo chargers. The result provides a thrilling driving experience in the new AMG GT.

A compact design, high power to weight ratio, bridge fuel efficiency and a distinctive AMG sound all work in harmony to create the high performance AMG M178 engine. They are more than the sum of their parts and a quantum leap in engine technology. The V8 engine is alive and well and isn’t going away anytime soon if AMG has anything to say about it.

The AMG M178 engine is the “heart and soul” of the new 2015 Mercedes-AMG GT. The handcrafted biturbo V-8 boasts 503 horsepower and 479 lb-ft of torque, along with high power-to-weight ratio, excellent fuel efficiency, and distinctive AMG sound, the Mercedes-AMG GT is a true testament to AMG’s “one man, one engine” philosophy.

Each AMG engine hand-built

Each AMG 4.0-liter, V8 biturbo engine is hand-crafted in Affalterbach according to the "one man, one engine" principle. In the AMG engine shop highly qualified fitters assemble the high-performance engines by hand according to the strictest quality standards. Each fitter puts their signature on the AMG engine plate indicating the exclusive engine production and ensuring maximum quality.

The V8 engine is not dead, and it’s alive and well in the new 2015 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT. It’s a powerful yet efficient V8 powerplant. Experience the inner-workings of the AMG 4.0 liter V8 biturbo engine video.

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