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Why Subaru won’t sell their new 2015 Legacy wagon here in U.S.

The all-new 2015 Subaru Legacy sedan gets ready to launch here in the U.S., but we won’t see the new 2015 Legacy wagon.

The new-generation Subaru Legacy Touring Wagon will be available in Japan stating in June as the previous generation Legacy ends production on June 30. But don’t expect to see the 2015 Subaru Legacy wagon Touring or Legacy wagon 2.0 GT here in the U.S. It’s a global wagon that will be sold in Japan and European markets, but we won’t see the sports tourer here in North America.

Why won’t Subaru sell the Legacy wagon to U.S. customers? Subaru has built their niche market in the U.S. with multi-use vehicles and the two top sellers are the new-generation Forester SUV and the Outback wagon. The new XV Crosstrek crossover is gaining momentum and is a close third. The new 2015 Legacy sedan should help sales, but a wagon just isn’t going to do well with U.S. buyers.

In Japan and Europe, the sports tourer is a big part of the market, but wagons aren’t popular here. That’s why we won’t see the new LEVORG sports tourer sold in the U.S. either. But the new-generation 2015 Legacy sedan should be able to compete well with the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Legacy is now in its six-generation, and the 25th anniversary of the Legacy sees the flagship make the next step in its evolution. This model shows the design direction of next generation Legacy mid-size sedan models and where Subaru is headed. The Japanese automaker as a brand is growing up too, and Subaru is hoping the new 2015 Legacy will launch the brand forward in the U.S. sedan market.

The big advantage Legacy has over the competition, is that all models come standard with Subaru’s all-wheel-drive. It sets Legacy apart from the other brands who only offer front-wheel-drive. None of the other top sedans in this segment like the Honda Accord LX, Ford Fusion SE, VW Passat SE, Hyundai Sonata SE or Mazda6 Touring offers all-wheel drive. But the 2015 Legacy 2.5i Premium base model does.

This is where Subaru and the new 2015 Legacy sedan excels. It’s always had the Subaru all-wheel-drive system, but it gets refined for the new six-generation Legacy. Both 2015 Legacy models are equipped with a newly refined version of the Active Torque Split version of Symmetrical AWD. But Subaru already offers the new muti-purpose 2015 Outback wagon here the U.S. and a Legacy wagon just wouldn’t sell.

And Subaru will launch the new Legacy sedan with 36 mpg when equipped with the 2.5-liter four cylinder powerplant. This beats all the other top sedans listed above expect for the two-wheel-drive 2014 Mazda6 Touring that gets 38 mpg highway. Subaru is going after the highly competitive sedan segment and knows the wagon won’t sell here in the U.S. So don’t look for a 2015 Subaru Legacy sports tourer anytime soon in North America.

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Sarah (not verified)    October 1, 2014 - 8:41PM

Anyone who states with affirmation that the Legacy wagon would not sell in the US market has either:

a) Never lived in the Northeastern or the Northwestern regions of the country, among many others where you could spit and hit one in the 1990's and 2000's,


b) Never owned one. I can't tell you how many owners - myself included - would buy another one in a heartbeat if given the opportunity to. I read one comment by an exasperated poster on another forum that said "Who would buy a Subaru Legacy if it's not a wagon?!", to which I said, "Touché, my good sir, touché."

Bottom line: It doesn't matter what we are driving now, whether we are behind the wheel of a Toyota, or a Nissan, or a Honda, or - shudder - one of those Korean cars... most of us Legacy wagoneers really would rather be wheeling around in our Legacy wagons for the rest of our driving days.

Jasper Hall (not verified)    October 30, 2014 - 8:27PM

“Subaru already offers the new muti-purpose 2015 Outback wagon here the U.S. and a Legacy wagon just wouldn’t sell”

Why wouldn’t a Legacy wagon sell exactly? The Outback is essentially a Legacy wagon, albeit with rugged body cladding and a raised ride height. Like the Outback, the Legacy wagon offers ample cargo room over the sedan variant, paired with the ever-capable symmetrical AWD system. Subaru North America’s reasons for not offering the Legacy wagon are ridiculous.

There is no reason why conventional station wagons shouldn’t sell in the US. Not everyone with cargo needs wants an SUV. US consumers only buy SUV’s because the market is flooded with them, and alternatives (such as station wagons) are scant, leaving buyers with practically no choice. I don’t hate SUV’s. I simply feel people should have more diverse choices when it comes to choosing a car.

David W (not verified)    November 9, 2014 - 7:15PM

I would much rather buy a better value Legacy Wagon than another Outback. I've been driving Subarus since 1990 and now have four family members in Subarus. Legacy vs Outback: better gas mileage, same technology, same corporation, same longevity and function without the extra size and bulk! Enough with the bloated vehicles already!

KR (not verified)    November 10, 2014 - 10:44AM

I have had 4 Subaru wagons going back to my first car, an '81 GL Wagon.
The fact that I can't get a regular wagon anymore has me looking to other car makers. I agree with the above comment that MA, VT, Maine and NH was loaded with wagons, still is. I have no interest in a bloated plastic body kit Outback. Maybe a Jetta wagon is in my future. C'mon Subaru.

Oleg (not verified)    February 11, 2015 - 2:00PM

If any of this is true, subaru has lost me a buyer. I love the wagon and I would have no reservations about buying the new wagon, it looks amazing. It may be time to switch to BMW and get the 3 series wagon.

slap (not verified)    March 3, 2015 - 3:53AM

I'd rather have a Legacy wagon, but it looks like I'll end up with a Golf Sportwagon since I really don't like the Outback.

Jank (not verified)    March 4, 2015 - 10:05AM

I'd buy another plain Legacy Wagon in a heartbeat. Loved my first, even more than the Jeep I traded in for it, and haven't been nearly as happy with my VW as I'd hoped. But, kinda don't want the extra cruft that comes with an outback.

Nate Dogg (not verified)    March 17, 2015 - 4:07PM

Yeah... I don't know who is doing their market research but it's absolutely terrible. I've owned a classic Legacy Wagon, First Gen WRX (sedan), and the 2008 Outback Turbo. I don't want a 'truck' (SUV/however you want to describe it) BUT I do have the need to hold a certain amount of cargo and the '08 outback was a great balance. The Levorg is *exactly what I want. Get rid of the bloated body of the modern Outbacks but give me some decent cargo room with a nice fast *turbo engine (They stopped putting that in the Outback too) AND a Manual Transmission (another thing that went away). Honestly when I had that Outback everyone I knew wanted one. The only thing keeping them away was the $34K price tag. My fully loaded WRX for $28.8K was slightly easier to swallow. Bring the Levorg here and watch it sell like crazy then fire the analyst who told you it would never work!

Chris (not verified)    March 27, 2015 - 3:13PM

The post-2009 Outback is NOT a wagon, it is a full-blown SUV in terms of height and bulk, and I won't drive one. Look at one in a parking lot; it's the same height as a Honda CRV. If this is the way it's going to be with Subaru's U.S. market offerings from now on, then I have bought my last Subaru. I don't understand why they had to bloat the Outback into an SUV; if that's what I wanted, I'd buy a Forester.

sharon davila (not verified)    March 29, 2015 - 8:44AM

I'm so sorry to hear that subaru is no longer shipping legacy wagons to the U.S. That's exactly the car I want and would buy one today. Guess I'll keep looking for a wagon elsewhere. Do not like the the compact suv. I'm glad to see other people feel the same way.

Lizzie (not verified)    April 1, 2015 - 8:52PM

First of all, I didn't know they were going to discontinue the Legacy Wagons when I let mine go with 230,000 miles on it, about 3 years ago. I would have kept it longer. Then, today, my husband and I saw two 2015s. (We live in Vermont) We were driving for a long while in heavy traffic, and I saw the first one a decent distance away. And I was like "is that what I think it is?" But I didn't say anything. Then, my husband saw it and said "Hey - that's a beautiful car." And, we're not car people. We never discuss cars. When I saw it I thought "awesome! There was just a lull in production!" I couldn't wait to get home and look up this car. Then, the grocery store we went to, there was the one we saw in traffic, parked, and there was another one there, too. If I had known that I wasn't going to be able to go buy one off the lot, we would have hung out and waited for either of the drivers to come out and give us the skinny. I'll be annoyed if this becomes a prestige thing, with folks ordering them from dealers and paying import charges, or whatever. All I want is another full size Subaru station wagon that is not an Outback. I dislike the Outback.

Bolmog (not verified)    April 2, 2015 - 12:07PM

I bought a Subaru Legacy Station Wagon new in 1997 and replaced it with another new one in 2003. They are fantastic cars. I need a wagon to transport my double bass and absolutely do not want the Outback, which as other people on this page have noted, is an over-bloated SUV. I also want a Manual transmission. Subaru make a Legacy Station Wagon and sell it elsewhere in the world, so what is the problem? I've wanted to replace my Legacy with another Legacy Station Wagon for three years now but am at the stage where I will either VERY reluctantly have to go to a different manufacturer or face rebuilding my Subaru - which I may well do. Body is in great shape, engine at 200,000kms but still going well at the moment, but suspension has taken a toll on the dreadful Ontario roads. Please Mr. Subaru - start selling the Legacy Station Wagon again.

Sean (not verified)    June 24, 2015 - 5:42PM

A good wagon is exactly what I need. You can not find one in US market. Something that drives more like a car, has lower center of gravity, better fuel efficiency, decent cargo size. Right now the only options I can thing of on the economy market:
vw golf sportwagon: based on golf with 103 inch wheelbased, this car is too small. Why not bring the passat wagon?
honda crosstour: honda accord is an elegant sedon! But the crosstour is ugly and the fuel efficiency is mediocre. Why not just build an accord wagon like it used to?
Subaru outback: the only car that's reasonably well as a wagon. But the 2.5L engine really have some difficultly pushing the 3700lb weight body on the highway.

Yes, the crossovers have relatively better mpg compare to SUVs without sacrificing too much utilities. But a mid-size wagon is easier to drive and have much better mpg than any mid-size crossover. Nowadays in us, if someway wants utility, fuel efficiency, he is only limited to compact crossover, please bring back the mid-size wagon!

Bea (not verified)    August 27, 2015 - 4:19PM

Add me to the list!! I currently own a 2005 Outback, my 3rd Subaru. I would have bought a Subaru Legacy Wagon about 3-4 years ago if it was available, but am still hanging on to my old Outback although it is getting up there in miles. The new Outback as of 2010 is an SUV and way too big for me. I bought my first Subaru because I could have 4-wheel drive without getting an SUV. The Imprezas are too small for my gear (windsurfing), and both the new Outback and Forrester are too tall to conveniently hoist gear onto the roof without a double stepping stool.
I have at least 2 friends who would buy a Legacy Wagon in a heartbeat. One of them ended up buying a used 2009 Outback, the last year they were car-size and not SUV size. The other is still hanging on to his old Legacy.
Half of my relatives in Switzerland own Legacy Wagons! I am jealous.

I called Subaru of America and the lady sounded surprised that I would buy a Legacy Wagon, saying she had never heard this and would pass it to her supervisors.

I don't have much hope, keeping my old 2005 Outback as long as I can, and, after 30 years of owning Subarus, start investigating other car makers or possibly look for a used 2009 Legacy Wagon or Outback.

Subaru USA, are you listening??

Michael Joseph… (not verified)    August 31, 2015 - 8:47PM

I live in Napa, California, USA. I see many 2015 Legacy station wagons. Then, when I drive to either San Francisco or Sacramento, I see many 2015 Subaru Legacy station wagons. What's more,the other day in Napa, at a shopping center parking lot,I saw two of these wonderful automobiles. I love my 2000 "Outback" --and intend to keep it. However,I would purchase a 2015 Legacy station wagon in a heart-beat. Where can I purchase one in California? Someone must be selling them!

Eric Allwardt (not verified)    October 1, 2015 - 9:07PM

Subaru are total buttheads not to sell a Legacy Wagon in the US. I'm in Wisconsin and we are dying for one. Been too long. DONT.WANT.OUTBACK. JUST.WANT.REGULAR.WAGON. Capiche?

Richard Czelusniak (not verified)    October 12, 2015 - 9:27PM

I own a1996 Subaru Legacy Wagon with 145000 miles and getting 37 mpg highway and 28 - 29 mpg city. The ride, handling, gas mileage, roomy interior and excellent storage space in the back compartment make out a very enjoyable car to own. It's just an absolute crime that Subaru North America refuses to import the Legacy wagon and promotes the Outback tank. SNA get your heads out of the sand and import the Legacy Wagon. I will do anything I have to do to keep my 2006 on the road hoping that when I might have to consider a new set of wheels tha the new Legacy Wagon will be here in the states. Come on SNA wake up.

David (not verified)    February 12, 2016 - 1:34PM

No, we'll have to wait for Tesla to make a beautiful (if not affordable) electric wagon. No one else can think outside the conventional wisdom box long enough to break with the corporate crowd and give us wagons again.