Why Subaru’s excessive oil consumption issue in Forester could spoil their party
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Why Subaru’s excessive oil consumption issue could spoil their party

The Subaru brand and new 2015 Forester SUV is flying high with record sales. Will the Subaru Oil Consumption Lawsuit end the party?

The Subaru brand and their Forester SUV has been partying for almost 3 years now and has seen 34 consecutive months of year-over-year growth. The growth has been driven by giving consumers the products they want and because Subaru also has a great marketing approach. But Subaru is having an oil consumption problem with the Forester. Subaru just received a global award for its ‘Innovation in Sales and Marketing’ by IAIR, the International Alternative Investment Review. Subaru received this award in Milan Italy this week.

This comes at a time when the brand is being sued for excessive oil consumption in Forester and many of their multi-use vehicles. The newly-designed 2014 Subaru Forester is one of the vehicles named in a recent lawsuit. The new-generation Subaru Forester is leading the brand in sales here in the U.S., but many owners are experiencing this excessive oil consumption issue now in the small AWD SUV. What is Subaru doing about it?

What vehicles are named in the lawsuit?

In an article in the New Jersey Law Journal, the lawsuit claims the 2011-14 Forester, 2013 Legacy and 2013 Outback, with 2.5-liter engines, and 2012-13 Impreza and 2013 Crosstrek, with 2-liter engines are the culprits. The suit claims the vehicles "prematurely burn off and/or consume abnormal and excessive amounts of engine oil."

The article says that Subaru has failed to let consumers know of the oil consumption problem and it has cost some buyers thousands of dollars to repair. The lawsuit also contends that owners of these vehicles have to "constantly replenish engine oil at an unreasonably rapid pace." It says that this issue creates a safety hazard for owners because these engines potentially could fail "at any time and under any driving condition or speed."

What can you do if you own one of these vehicles?

Subaru dealers are telling owners that the oil consumption issue is “normal” and that normal usage is 1 quart every 1200 miles. But with a new vehicle, this kind of oil consumption is definitely not normal. Owners who are experiencing excessive oil usage can take their Forester, Outback, Legacy, XV Crosstrek and Impreza models in and ask their Subaru dealer for a "consumption test". They will then change the oil free of cost, and ask you to come back in 1200 miles. If the oil usage is over their acceptable specifications, they could replace the piston rings.

Until now, Subaru has been seen as a brand that cares

At the global awards evening in Milan Italy, President of IAIR Guido Giommi said; “Subaru of America has proved with record sales in the last six years that it has found a strong formula of sales and marketing innovation. The Subaru brand has developed a unique position in the U.S. and is clearly defined as an authentic, reliable and trustworthy brand that cares about the things its owners care about, such as animals and the outdoors. Its innovative sales and marketing has proven a great success.”

If Subaru wants to keep the party going, they need to address this oil consumption issue with their loyal customers. Does Subaru care about their customer’s cars as much as they do about their animals and the environment like their ads say? If they do, they will make it right and step up and correct the problem. Subaru of America could be seeing the end of their successful run of record sales if they don’t fix this issue with the 2011-2014 Subaru Forester and other multi-use vehicles. Will Subaru do the right thing? Tell us what your dealer is doing if you are having this oil consumption issue.

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Hi Monica- It is NOT a sensor and that's a lie that they never heard of this problem. There are open law suits on these issues for those years. Google it. Notify Lemon Law for you state as well so they can help you document everything. Check your oil after they change it. Tell them you want them to perform an oil consumption check and this is at their cost. Check the oil level with them when you pick it up to ensure they did NOT over fill it. You need a new short block engine. Work with the actual Subaru of America first andyhey should be able to help you. Don't mention Lemon law to subaru but contact Lemon law yourself. When they put the new short block in ensure that they change the pcv valve too. Let me know if I can help.
Where to start my XV brand new off the truck has only made 1-2 services without my oil light coming on NORMAL apparently oil consumption test normal my $35000 car is now in my front yard with not 1 drop of oil in it apparently a top up would have done the job ?a top up it’s stone empty.ive had a new steering column,new Bluetooth,new fuses as my hillstart correct ABS ect went,half a new motor done aswell before the car was even 3 years old they’ve adjusted the level for oil still nothing.totally ripped off for $35000 and yes always still waiting back to hear from someone
The 16 and 17 outback I have (16 is a 6 cylinder, 17 a 4) so far isn’t using oil. If the years before are using more than one quart between changes something is wrong. Keep check of the oil and don’t let the engine burn up, they give you trouble and won’t correct the oil issue trade it in and go with another make/brand of vehicle other than Subaru. That is the best course of action.
I have owned 3 Outbacks, wonderful cars, I now own a 2013 Forester that has an oil consumption problems and cannot get any help with it, out of warranty.
Hi, I have a 2011 Subaru Forester and it burned 2 qts in 1200 miles. SOA says they will cover about 50% of the repairs which is nice but I can't afford $3k in repairs right now. Anyone have any luck fighting with SOA about this? Is there any other recourse since I didn't participate in the class action lawsuit?
Oil consumption on Subaru
I bought a 2013 Foster 2011 in 2013 In 2020 almost lost engine because oil light did come on. I serviced it regularly an took it in for oil change and it was dry on oil. I called Subaru dealership and he said they had problems but mine was out of warranty but I also had bought a extended warranty. I am a widow an I couldn’t put a new engine in. I really like my car but felt I wasn’t informed enough about this problem.