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Here's Why the New Subaru Outback is Rated #1 in Pedestrian Safety

The 2017 Subaru Outback is in the news again for its superior. ADAC rated it number one in pedestrian safety.


The 2017 Subaru Outback is number one according to the German Auto Club, ADAC in a recent pedestrian safety testing. Why are pedestrians particularly at risk on the road? Pedestrians are walking and texting and not paying attention to cars and they can be at high risk for being struck by a car when walking in heavily congested urban areas. How does Subaru protect them?

That’s where Subaru’s EyeSight safety system comes in. The 2017 Subaru Outback was recently tested by ADAC against six models and brands, including four premium manufacturers. When equipped with EyeSight, it’s emergency brake system with pedestrian recognition, can prevent or reduce the severity of these accidents.

Subaru Outback most impressive in safety testing; ADAD rated it #1

ADAC rated the Subaru EyeSight assistance system highly, and capable of providing reliable protection day and night. The German Auto Club said EyeSight came out on top and was the only system tested to achieve full points in all three categories tested, pedestrian, cyclist and night driving.

How does it keep pedestrians safe?

Unlike other automaker’s systems, EyeSight uses stereo camera technology to monitor the road and traffic ahead for potential hazards. The stereo-cameras installed high on the windshield, reliably sees pedestrians in dark clothing in un-lit areas with its extra pair of “eyes”, and when needed initiates emergency braking. Accidents can be completely avoided, at speeds up to 28 mph and the severity significantly reduced at higher speeds. It can also benefit consumers by saving money with cheaper insurance premiums.

More pedestrian safety coming

Subaru will also launch the new 2017 Impreza with a first-ever pedestrian airbag safety system. The pedestrian protection air bag will deploy if the vehicle hits a pedestrian, shielding them from the full impact of the collision. It’s going to be standard equipment on the new Impreza.

The 2017 Subaru Outback wagon and all Subaru models around the globe are available with EyeSight with the Lineartronic automatic transmission. The Subaru EyeSight safety system not only protects occupants inside the car, but also pedestrians outside.

Source: Subaru UK

Photo: Subaru