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2017 Subaru Impreza Features First-Ever Safety System

Subaru is taking the new 2017 Impreza to a new level of safety. It’s a first-ever for the brand.

The all-new 2017 Subaru Impreza launches in Japan soon and it’s coming with improved safety. A first-ever pedestrian protection air bag will be featured on the Impreza sedan and 5-Door models. It's a first for the brand to offer this pedestrian-protection system. Sedan and 5-Door models are coming soon and will also be launched with the improved Subaru EyeSight safety system. It’s going to be standard equipment on the new Impreza.

A new level of pedestrian safety

Subaru says the safety feature will be standard equipment on the all-new compact sedan and 5-Door. It’s Subaru’s version three EyeSight and pedestrians will be safer in the case of a collision. The pedestrian protection air bag will deploy if the vehicle hits a pedestrian, shielding them from the full impact of the collision.

The new Global Platform improves safety performance

Subaru says the 2017 Impreza’s danger avoidance performance has also been improved by the new Global Platform the compact car now comes with. The Japanese automaker says the collision safety performance has been increased by 1.4 times the collision energy absorption the current-generation car offers. The automaker says the ratio will dramatically improve safety in the new Impreza for driver and passengers.

The new Impreza will feature the brand’s “Dynamic x Solid” design featuring more interior space and increased safety that will be the hallmark of Subaru's future models as a whole. The first new sedan has been spotted on the streets of Tokyo as they begin testing the new 2017 Subaru Impreza in real world driving. It’s coming soon to the US. Stay tuned.

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Source: Subaru

Images source: Subaru