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Why Subaru? 5 Reasons Why You Won’t Regret Owning One And 5 You Will

With about eighteen mainstream automotive brands to choose from, which is the best car for you? We will check out Subaru and see if it's the best car brand that fits your needs and wants.

Were you happy with the last car you bought? A recent report from Lending Tree found nearly 40 percent of new car buyers report they regret their new car purchase. The most common regret? Buying the wrong car brand and model was number one, followed by purchasing an expensive car they couldn't afford, and third, not shopping around for the best deal.

Why buy a 2023 Crosstrek, Forester, Outback, or another new Subaru model? There are five reasons why you won't regret owning a Subaru and five reasons why you might regret your decision.

2023 Subaru Forester
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Alex Prestigiacomo, who works at Bachman Subaru, says the automaker is known for its distinctive features and characteristics. Several things make a Subaru a Subaru and are worth your consideration. Here are five reasons why you won't regret buying a Subaru vehicle.

Boxer Engine: Subaru uses a horizontally opposed engine design, also known as a boxer engine, which helps to lower the car's center of gravity and improve handling. They are also fuel-efficient.

2023 Subaru Crosstrek
photo credit: Schumacher Subaru

All-Wheel Drive: Subaru is known for its Symmetrical all-wheel-drive system, which provides better traction and handling on all road surfaces. Many models also come with X-Mode for additional off-pavement performance.

Safety: Subaru is committed to high safety standards and has earned numerous awards and accolades. Subaru's EyeSight driver assist technology is a notable feature that helps to prevent accidents. As a result, Subaru vehicles get the highest crash scores from the IIHS.

Reliability: Subaru vehicles are known for their durability and reliability, so outdoor enthusiasts and families often favor them. Subaru offers the Wilderness trim levels for rugged off-road adventures.

Brand Identity: Subaru has a loyal following of fans who appreciate the brand's unique style, culture, and values, which include environmentalism and outdoor adventure. The brand has a distinct personality that resonates with many people.

Overall, Subaru's focus on all-wheel drive, fuel-efficient boxer engines, safety, reliability, and brand identity are the key reasons to buy a Subaru vehicle.

Why you might regret buying a Subaru

Conservative styling

The bad news is that Subaru keeps its styling from year to year. As a result, Subaru gets criticized for being too conservative in their exterior designs and needing more progressive styling. And Subaru won't budge on this issue. They have a valid reason, but customers don't have to like it. So, not surprisingly, design changes are minor for the new generation of Subaru, like the fifth-generation 2023 Forester SUV.

It's also because Subaru doesn't like to take risks. Subaru tends to focus more on safety tech and upgrades underneath the exterior. They like the large open greenhouse design. The good news is it does help improve outward visibility, even though the design does look boxy. Don't look for Subaru to change this.

Subaru's tight new model inventory

Because of the current inventory shortages, you might be tempted to buy a used model if you need help finding a new 2023 Subaru Crosstrek. But, unfortunately, you'll often pay more for a used Crosstrek than a new model if you do. It's all because of the crazy new and used car market due to the microchip shortage and supply chain issues.

Are Subaru drivers the worst?

Some brands like Subaru can't catch a break, and their drivers are judged rightly or wrongly. According to a recent report from custom license plate suppliers, Click4Reg, Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and WRX, STI drivers have the worst reputations among all car brands. They surveyed over 2,000 drivers to reveal the most common impressions people have of drivers of each car brand. So if you drive a Subaru, it may not be good for you.

Subaru drops the manual gearbox in favor of the CVT automatic transmission.

One of the main complaints with Subaru customers is that they exclusively use the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) technology. They use it to improve fuel mileage and to have EyeSight as a standard feature.

Subaru drops the manual gearbox in the 2024 Crosstrek and 2024 Impreza. Sorry manual fans, but the 6-speed and 5-speed manual transmission is a thing of the past.

Subaru owners don't like the start-stop-system

Auto-Stop-Start is one of the most controversial fuel-saving features on new Subaru vehicles. Many automakers use a system that automatically stops the engine when you come to a complete stop for more than a few seconds. It's designed to save fuel whenever the car stops at a stop sign, or you wait at a traffic light.

The frequent starting and stopping of the engine are tiresome to some drivers who live in urban areas, especially if you commute in heavy stop-and-go traffic every day. And many Subaru Forester, Outback, Crosstrek, and Ascent owners say they don't like the car stopping and starting because it shakes the car every time the engine starts back up.

If you buy a 2023 Crosstrek, 2023 Forester, 2023 Outback, or other new Subaru models, you likely won't regret your decision because of its affordability, standard all-wheel-drive, fuel efficiency, safety, and culture. However, you might regret your decision if you buy a used model that costs more than a new one; you care about what other drivers say, Subaru's conservative styling, the CVT automatic, and its Auto-Stop-Start feature.

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You can turn the start/stop technology off (I find it helpful). My 2018 Crosstrek saved my life when I hit a deer at 70mph. The Eyesight technology moved my car such that I hit the deer with the passenger side of the car. The force was distributed around me (I could see it in how the plastic wrinkled all the way tot he back of the car). I'll take boxy and conservative over injuries and death.
I have severely regretted buying my 2020 Ascent because it kills the battery if I leave the tailgate up for a couple of hours (like when I am camping). Subaru will not fix this defect!
That is not a design defect.
I'll be the first one to buy a new Subaru Baja if the company will build it for 2024. I've been keeping an eye on this model for years since we do not have a compact car/ pick up on the existing market. It will be a huge success specially now with Gad prices so high. I'm praying and desperate that this new Subaru Baja comes on the 2024. Thanks for the opportunity to add comments on this site. CS