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What is unique about new range topping Special Edition 2016 Toyota GT86 Blanco?

A new special edition 2016 Toyota GT86 will be offered around the globe and it will sit at the top of the range. What sets this sports coupe apart?


Blanco is Spanish and it translates to white in English. The new 2016 Toyota GT86 special edition model coming to Europe will be finished in GT White Pearl pearlescent exterior paint with contrasting red and grey body decals.

What else sets GT86 Blanco apart?

On top of that GT White Pearl pearlescent exterior paint a stripe decal runs up from the nose and across the hood and roof. It also gets a matching GT86 twin-stripe along the sills. The door mirrors are finished with grey flashes and the front lip and rear diffuser are edged in red and red and grey flashes to set the car apart from other GT86s. It also gets custom18-inch alloy wheels with a slim 10-spoke design, finished in Anthracite and come embossed with the GT86 name.

Inside, this Special Edition GT86 Blanco features heated leather sport seats and each sports coupe gets a numbered plaque on the center console, recording its place in the special edition production run. Options include a nine-speaker JBL sound system and the Toyota Touch and Go touchscreen-controlled multimedia and navigation package.

Toyota will not touch the drivetrain and its still powered by a Subaru boxer 2.0-liter naturally aspirated engine. No special suspension upgrades will be offered.

Like the 2016 Subaru BRZ and Scion FR-S U.S. counterparts, the 2016 Toyota GT86 will still be powered by the Subaru 2.0-liter naturally aspirated boxer engine producing 200 horsepower. Toyota says the engine now complies with Euro 6 emissions standards, with no change to its fuel economy and more.

The new 2016 Toyota GT86 Blanco special edition sits at the top of the range and is priced from 28,500 British Pounds. It’s followed by the GT86 Primo, GT86 and GT86 Aero. Customers can begin ordering the new model in the UK starting July 1 with first deliveries starting August 1.