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What The Company That Makes Subaru Forester Is Doing To Help The Most Vulnerable

The company that makes the 2020 Subaru Forester is showing communities some needed love. See where they gave a generous amount to bring 50 million meals to those most vulnerable.

You know Subaru for its all-wheel-drive Forester SUV, Outback wagon and Crosstrek subcompact SUV but what is the automaker doing during the Coronavirus pandemic? Subaru of America and two of its largest Subaru distributors on the East coast are doing good things. They are bringing relief to thousands of people affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Camden, N.J. automaker has given a generous donation to Feeding America that will bring 50 million meals to people most impacted by the pandemic around the U.S.

Subaru is partnering with the Feeding America network that has food banks located all across the U.S. and is the nation's largest domestic hunger-relief organization with a network of 200-member food banks. Local Subaru dealers will now be able to provide volunteer opportunities for its employees in the form of food drives, donations, and volunteer events as they cooperate with the Feeding America member food banks.

2020 Subaru Forester

Subaru says the 50 million meals will enable the food banks to secure the resources they need to serve the most vulnerable members of their communities. The announcement says $1.00 will provide at least ten meals secured by Feeding America on behalf of local member food banks. Subaru did not announce the exact amount they donated to Feeding America.

It’s good to know, automakers like Subaru are helping in a time of need but it’s not new for Subaru of America. They have been involved in communities long before the pandemic hit. This latest gift is part of Subaru of America’s ongoing efforts to help communities in need. The automaker also uses its Subaru Loves to Help pillar, the community-focused initiative of the Subaru Love Promise to support local communities.

Subaru is known for it all-wheel-drive vehicles like the 2020 Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek, and you see the ads that talk about Love. They say they are more than a car company. It’s more than just words, they are proving it with their actions.

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Jane Calver (not verified)    April 18, 2020 - 8:02AM

Subaru’s simple acts such as their lovely pooch friendly ads, their thank you to front line workers, their generosity to the food bank, and their use of public television are many of the reasons why I have driven a Subaru for so many years. First I owned an Outback, then a Forester and now a Cross Trek. Course their reliability too, keeps me as a customer. In this troubled time, remember this too shall pass. J.C.

Kathleen Pellette (not verified)    April 21, 2020 - 9:36AM

I still love my 2005 Subaru Forester. 5 speed. Just turned over to 150000.
I have 100000 to go. :-)

Would love a new forester someday.