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Watch Chris Forsberg Drift A Nissan NV Cargo Van [Video]

Can a Nissan NV Cargo van drift like a Nissan GT-R or 370Z? Pro driver Chris Forsberg gives it a try.

Chris Forsberg, an American self-taught drifting driver from Doylestown, Pennsylvania currently competes in the Formula Drift series in his Nissan 370Z. His friends recently prank him into drifting a Nissan NV Cargo van instead of a Nissan 370Z. Can he do it?

Nissan is serious about drifting. They just set a Guinness World Record for the fastest drift in a specially equipped 1380 horsepower Nissan GT-R. Now they would like you know they have the cargo van that will get you to the job site, get loaded and off to your destination quicker than any other van on the planet. It helps if you have pro-driver Chris Forsberg behind the wheel.

Forsberg thinks he’s going to get sideways in a 370Z around an abandoned tire plant, but on April Fools Day, some of his friends play a little joke and get him to do it in a big white Nissan NV Cargo van. Chris says, “I hate that I love my friends, I thought I was showing up to drive a Nissan 370Z, and wow was I wrong…”

Check out the big white Nissan NV Cargo van as Chris Forsberg gets pranked into drifting it like his Nissan 370Z.

Source: Car Throttle

Image source: Car Throttle