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Video: How Factory Five transforms Subaru WRX into 0-60 in 3.8 sec sports car

See how Factory Five can turn the Subaru WRX into a 0-60 in 3.8 sec sports car. How much will it cost?

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Would you like to turn your 2002-2007 Subaru WRX into a screaming two-seat sports car for under $15K? That’s what Factory Five Racing says they can do for Subaru WRX owners. Factory Five will show you how to turn your Subaru WRX and transform it into a mid-engined, rear-wheel-drive, 1,800 pound two-seat sports car. All you need is the WRX, a garage, tools and lots of time.

Factory Five located in Wareham, Massachusetts offers the 818 kit for the Subaru WRX. They build the frame, chassis, suspension and body, and you take the engine and drivetrain from your 2002-2007 WRX donor car and build the two-seat mid-engined marvel in your own garage. Check out he video below.

Factory Five says the 818 with the WRX drivertrain with an 1,800 lb. curb weight will launch from 0-60 in the high 3s. The car is street legal and would also be a great track weapon. Keep in mind that it may take longer than the 350-400 hours Factory Five says it takes to build the car like this Canadian found out. But if you have the 2002-2007 Subaru WRX, the time, tools and garage, you could have a fast mid-engine sports car.

Media source: Factory Five

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