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Vehicles To Take You 250,000 Miles And Beyond And Subaru’s 3 Road Warriors

Which vehicles will last the longest? Check out the list here and Subaru's three road warriors that go 250,000 miles and beyond.

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Some vehicles are known for going to 250,000 miles, and some are not. Which car brands and vehicles will last the longest? A new report from Brake For It, reveals the vehicles that will go 250,000 miles and beyond

I will cover Subaru's two road warriors on Brake For It's longest-lasting vehicle list: the Subaru Forester compact SUV and the Subaru Legacy midsize sedan. I will also cover a third Subaru model that should be on the list. Before I do, here are the top-ranked vehicles. Some are familiar, and some are not. 

2024 Subaru Forester is a top choice to go 250,000 miles

  • The Subaru Forester is first on the list
  • Volkswagen Passat
  • Lexus RX 350
  • Honda CR-V
  • Lexus ES 350
  • Toyota Camry
  • Toyota 4Runner
  • Infiniti QX70
  • Lincoln Crown Victoria
  • Nissan Titian
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Acura RDX
  • Chevrolet Impala
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Scion xB
  • Mazda 6
  • Toyota Sequoia
  • Honda Civic
  • Ford F-250
  • Ford F-150
  • Honda Pilot
  • Chevrolet Equinox
  • Saab 9000
  • Toyota Land Cruiser
  • Toyota Prius
  • Volkswagen Golf
  • Toyota Sienna
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Ford Taurus
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Hyundai Elantra
  • Dodge Ram 
  • Mercedes Benz E Class
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Mazda MX-5
  • Nissan Altima
  • Chevrolet Malibu

The Subaru Forester Is Still The King Of The Road

Brake For It says, "Introduced in Japan in 1997, the Subaru Forester is one of the most reliable SUVs on the road. It has twice been awarded Motor Trends coveted SUV of the Year award and was named Car Connection's Best Car to Buy in 2014."

"The Forester will easily go more than 250,000 miles with minimal maintenance. We wouldn't be surprised if it even takes you far beyond 300,000, the benchmark for the most reliable SUVs. This reputation for reliability is one of the reasons Subaru is one of the world's most trusted auto brands."

2024 Subaru Legacy driving

The Name Legacy Is Much More Than Just A Name

Brake For It says, "The Subaru Legacy is like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going, and going, and going, and going. Equipped with the most reliable engine on the market, maintenance costs stay low on the Legacy while the miles rack up."

"Did we mention it's also one of the best-looking sedans? While Toyota and Honda tend to get all the love, Subaru is doing their best to bring new and visually appealing designs to the automobile market."

My take

The Subaru Forester is a top choice for compact SUV shoppers.

Forester is set apart from the rest because of its Symmetrical all-wheel-drive, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, excellent driver seat visibility, and its boxer engine sits low in the chassis and better balance. The Forester is fuel efficient and is among the best in its class. 

The Forester is one of the safest small SUVs, is a Top Safety Pick+ winner from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and gets the best crash scores.

The Subaru Legacy is a top choice for midsize sedan shoppers.  

What sets Legacy apart from the competition is its standard Subaru Symmetrical all-wheel drive system, which is not found in most sedans. It has all-weather and severe weather capability. Legacy has two engine options, a fuel-efficient 2.5-liter Boxer engine, and a sporty turbocharged 2.4-liter engine. 

The Legacy is one of the safest sedans you can buy. It is a Top Safety Pick+ winner from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and gets the best crash scores.

What about the Subaru Outback?

I recently wrote another article from an iSeeCars study that ranked the Subaru Outback as the one Subaru model most likely to reach 250,000 miles and beyond. The Outback is a top choice for midsize SUV shoppers. The Outback should have been included on the Brake For It list.

2024 Subaru Outback driving in the rain

The Outback is a rare vehicle with the utility of an SUV and the ride quality and driving dynamics of a car. Outback comes with standard Symmetrical all-wheel-drive, all-weather, all-terrain capability, 8.7 inches of ground clearance, 9.4 inches on the Wilderness trim, fuel efficiency, and gets the top safety scores from the IIHS. 

The Subaru Forester, Subaru Legacy, and Subaru Outback are all top choices for new model and used car shoppers. They are all road warriors and ranked among the vehicles to take you 250,000 miles and beyond.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I hope you enjoyed this Subaru Forester, Legacy, and Outback story. See you tomorrow for my latest Subaru Report.

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NMK (not verified)    November 27, 2023 - 6:28PM

I have no doubt the FA and FB series of engines can last forever with basic care. The CVTs on the other hand have ZERO chance to make it near that 250k mark if following the owners manual recommendation that its fluid should never be changed. Changing CVT fluid every 30-40k miles, it just might make it.