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Subaru STI owner furious after dash cam shows mechanics aiming for potholes

A Subaru WRX STI owner takes his car in for repairs and can’t believe what shows up on his dash cam. Mechanics aiming for potholes? [video]

When you take your Subaru WRX STI in for repairs, you expect the mechanics to treat your ride with respect. This STI owner takes his performance sedan in for brake repairs and can’t believe what shows up on his dash cam when he gets the car back. The video appears to show the techs deliberately aiming his STI right for the potholes on the test drive.

According to a story by The Daily Mail, Ben Newbery, from Romford, Essex, took his Subaru Impreza WRX STI to the Scooby Clinic near Chesterfield in the UK. It appears they work on a lot of the performance models and should know how particular STI owners are with their cars.

When Newbery got his car back, he was furious after seeing his dash cam footage that was left on after he dropped the car off for repairs. In the report, Newbery says, “I couldn't believe it when I saw the video. I got the impression they were trying to damage my vehicle. When I got home, I heard the audio and I was even more frustrated.” Check out the video below that shows the techs deliberately aiming his STI to hit the potholes on the test drive leading back to the shop. The audio is even more damning.

The garage owner insists it's impossible to miss the potholes on the bumpy road. But the audio in the video reveals the mechanics were upset the road hasn’t been repaired and hope the car blows a tire so the potholes get fixed. One of the techs inside is overheard saying “got that one’” and “with a bit of luck we'll burst the tire, then maybe he'll f***ing mend the lane.”

The Scooby Clinic is getting some free advertising from the incident but not the kind they want. There’s some damage control going on and the owner insists the potholes cannot be missed. Owner Kevin Knight says he has owned the shop for 20 years and would “never deliberately damage a customer's car.” He needs to talk to his employees who appear to be unhappy with the condition of the shop’s road. You can be sure Ben Newbery won’t take his Subaru Impreza WRX STI to that shop again.

Source: Daily Mail


Dee Green (not verified)    January 19, 2016 - 9:33PM

I'd like to see what the repercussions were. Hopefully they canned the mechanics, but I'd like to see the downfall of the shop. This should NOT be tolerated within ANY shop.