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Subaru Sales Dip 40 Percent With More New Model Shortages And What's Next

A strange year gets stranger for Subaru of America. With the challenges from supply chain shortages, sales drop more than 40 percent. See where Subaru goes from here.

It’s been a challenging year for Subaru of America, and the punches keep coming. In September, sales dropped 30.0 percent, and now Subaru announced a more significant 40.1 percent drop in October.

Tom Doll, President, and CEO, Subaru of America, said in the announcement, “Subaru, like the rest of the auto industry, faces a severe shortage of semiconductor chips and other key components that directly impacts our vehicle production. We are working tirelessly, alongside our retailers, to get customers the vehicles they want and need as quickly as possible.”

2022 Subaru Forester, 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, 2022 Subaru Outback

The Crosstrek and Outback are the top two models in October

The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek was the number one selling carline with 10,591 vehicle sales, a 29.4 percent drop from September 2020. The 2022 Outback was second with 8,548 models delivered to customers, a 49 percent drop from September 2020.

The Ascent surprised everyone with 5,221 models delivered, a drop of 11.0 percent, but beating the popular Forester for the first time with 4,820 models sold, a 67.2 percent decline from September 2020.

2022 Subaru Forester, 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, 2022 Subaru Outback

The 2022 Subaru Impreza sedan and hatchback were next with 3,512 deliveries to customers, a drop of 18.8 percent from September 2020.

The WRX and STI still sizzle

The 2021 Subaru WRX and STI was the only nameplate with more sales than the previous September with 2,786 compared with 2,060 last September. WRX and STI sales increased 35 percent over the same month in 2020.

The Subaru Legacy had 1,315 sales compared with 2,490 in September 2020, a drop of 47.2 percent. The 2022 Subaru BRZ began showing up in the U.S., and retailers sold 24 next-generation sport coupes.

2022 Subaru Forester, 2021 Subaru Crosstrek, 2022 Subaru Outback

Forester remains the top model in 2021

The 2021 Subaru Forester leads by volume with total sales of 137,074 vehicles year-to-date; Outback posted a 6.8 percent increase year-to-date, while the hot Crosstrek subcompact SUV and WRX and STI performance cars posted year-to-date gains of 22 percent and 37 percent, respectively.

What’s next for Subaru of America?

Tom Doll says, “In October, our Subaru retailer network exemplified what it means to be More Than a Retailer, through strong sales efficiency, as well as through outstanding customer experience for all those who choose our products.”

Because of global supply chain disruptions and microchip shortages, no one knows for sure how long the trouble will continue. Subaru retailers sell new 2022 Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek models to customers in the exact trim level and color they want while customers wait for the new vehicles to be delivered. It could be well into 2022 before inventory levels improve.

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Dan (not verified)    November 4, 2021 - 4:31PM

They've also been pretty mehhhh on the excitinf cars I want to buy index. That new WRX is a huge letdown for power and styling.

Annoyed (not verified)    November 5, 2021 - 4:00PM

WRX’s and STi’s are selling like gangbusters probably because nobody wants the disappointing “new” WRX. Get em while you still can…