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Subaru’s Forester is Back on Top; Why Did it Pass #1 Outback

The Subaru Forester is back on top of the brand's lineup. Why did it pass the #1 Outback?

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Subaru’s Forester has been the brands best-selling model in Subaru of America’s lineup until last year when the Outback wagon took over. News about the small Subaru SUV has been non-existent for months. Now it’s moving back up and the all-wheel-drive SUV has taken top spot in the U.S. and also around the globe. Is the popular Forester back?

Forester is only made in Gunma, Japan, while Outback is also manufactured in the U.S. plant in Indiana. Shipments of Forester across the pond have increased due to the new Impreza also being made here in the U.S., leaving more room on Subaru Corporation’s Japan assembly line for more Forester production. One reason it passed Outback is because supply is increasing.

In the U.S., the 2017 Subaru Forester SUV had its best April ever and there’s been 45 consecutive months of more than 10,000 Foresters sold. While Forester lost its number one position last year to the popular Outback wagon, Forester is back on top in April with the SUV selling 14,761 compared to the Outback’s 14,469 units.

In Canada, the best-selling Subaru Forester, AJAC’s (Automobile Journalists Association of Canada) Canadian Utility Vehicle of the Year also saw its best April sales ever, with 1,387 units sold. It also tops Outback’s 1,131 units north of the border. Subaru Australia reports their best seller in April was the evergreen Forester with 1054 sales, also beating Outback with its 896 sales.

Why is Forester popular?

One thing Subaru does well is they stick to their cores values that sets them apart from the crowded small SUV field. At a time when many automakers are designing SUVs that look like sport coupes, Subaru bucks the trend and gives buyers what they want.

There’s three core values that Subaru has stayed with on the Forester SUV. Those include good visibility, cargo carrying ability and versatility. The secret to Subaru’s success is that they stick to the basics and then they keep improving on them. Another core value is their excellent Symmetrical all-wheel-drive the brand builds into their entire lineup except for the BRZ sports car. Consumers have come to know Forester as a “go-anywhere” small SUV. Enthusiasts around the globe take their Foresters on extreme excursions, and even turn them into performance machines with engine and chassis modifications.

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The 2018 Forester will get a refresh, but for the 2019MY, the SUV will get a complete remodel. The new fifth-generation Subaru Forester will arrive sometime next year. Forester will get a complete overhaul and will ride on the new Subaru Global Platform, which will breathe even more life into the small SUV. It will come with new exterior styling, get a more comfortable cabin, will get improved fuel economy with a new-generation boxer engine with direct-injection, improved driving dynamics, and improved safety features.

Demand for the fourth-generation Forester continues to be strong around the globe ahead of its major remodel. It’s back on top in the U.S. for April and also beats the popular Outback in Canada and Australia. Look for the 2018 Subaru Forester to get a refreshed exterior and interior, new technology upgrades and more safety improvements. The new-generation 2019 Forester will get a major overhaul and stay on top.

Photo credit: Subaru

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Edwin (not verified)    May 6, 2017 - 9:52PM

I'm live in Boston Massachusetts i love Subaru forester is of best in snow time and every time