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Subaru’s EyeSight Surpasses 900,000 Units Globally; A New Outback will Bring its Eyes to China

Subaru EyeSight equipped models now surpassed 900,000 units globally; China is next to get Outback with a second set of eyes.

A new 2017 Subaru Outback will bring a “second set of eyes” to China. Since its Japanese debut in April 2008, Subaru’s safety system EyeSight, has now surpassed 900,000 units globally. It started in Japan and was then introduced around the globe in Australia, North America and European markets.

The next global market to get EyeSight will be China

China is the largest global car market, and Subaru wants to tap into it and help drivers see better on the road. Subaru is taking EyeSight-equipped Outback and Legacy (Chinese specs) models to the 2016 Guangzhou International Auto Parts & Accessories Exhibition to be held in Guangzhou, China November 19-27.

It’s one of Subaru’s core values and consumers in China will now benefit from this safety technology. Subaru sells the Forester and Outback in China currently, and the Chinese get a special spec Outback with a 2.0-liter turbo boxer. It’s the only place you can get one with this engine set-up. The special Outback was developed exclusively for the Chinese market. It also comes with the 2.5-liter boxer engine that we see in other markets including the U.S. Subaru says the new Outback 2.0 wagon has been “renewed in view of Chinese market's demands.”

Now, the Chinese will get the new 2017 Subaru Outback with the new-generation EyeSight driver assist system. EyeSight uses stereo camera technology to monitor the road and traffic ahead for potential hazards. It could prevent drivers from getting into an accident. With its driver-assist technology, it's optical cameras can recognize a potential situation and stop the car before a crash occurs. EyeSight will act as a “second pair of eyes” for Chinese drivers.

Source: Subaru

Photo: Subaru