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Subaru Quietly Drops a Key Feature on the New 2017 Impreza After 23 Years What’s Behind their Decision?

Subaru is quietly dropping a key feature on the new 2017 Impreza after 23 years. What’s behind their decision?

When the 2017 Subaru Impreza arrives, it will not have a key mechanical feature it’s had since it was first launched in 1993. Subaru is dropping the manual transmission from the 2017 Impreza lineup. Why is the Japanese automaker axing the fully-synchronized 5-speed manual shifter and going with the CVT automatic only?

It was an easy decision

The 2016 2.0i sedan and 5-Door previous generation models came with the manual gearbox as standard equipment, but in the new-generation Impreza, it will be axed. According to Subaru, the decision was an easy one. They just aren’t selling many manual gearbox models, and sales of the manual rowers are declining around the globe.

In a recent press release, Subaru Australia Managing Director, Nick Senior, said, “The decision to not offer manual transmission may surprise some but, realistically, manuals have dropped to only 7 percent of Impreza sales and are declining month-on-month.

Fuji Heavy Industries, maker of Subaru automobiles, has decided to put their money and R&D into other areas. Senior went on to say, “It makes sense to put the money that would have been used in developing a manual transmission into other areas that benefit the customer and I think everyone would agree that the factory has been able to achieve this.”

Subaru targets a new generation of buyers with Impreza

Subaru is targeting a younger generation of buyers with the new 2017 Impreza sedan and 5-Door, and many don’t even know how to shift a manual transmission. Most younger buyers won’t even look at a manual gearshift car when looking for a new or used vehicle.

Subaru won’t miss many sales by dropping the 5-speed manual transmission from the 2017 Impreza lineup. With declining sales every month, it makes good business sense to go with the Lineartronic Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) with a wider gear range. It’s new design is lightweight, it comes with Auto Stepped Speed Control, a seven-speed manual mode, and it’s more fuel efficient than the manual rower. The fully-synchronized 5-speed manual shifter is gone forever from the new-generation 2017 Subaru Impreza. Will you miss it?

Source: Subaru AU

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"Will you miss it?" I'm going to hold my 2006 manual Impreza longer, I guess.
I hate automatic cars if Subaru dont make manual cars any more...I won't buy your lame automatic junk. I will just buy elsewhere.
Rest in peace manual - you've lost your relevance (except for the manly men who drink Old Spice and row their own gears, LOL).
I'm a die hard shifter, own a miata, but love the cvt, in the snow, on the highway, a cvt is better and drama free. Going up a hill, no banging a downshift and maybe losing traction in the snow. Rpms go up slightly, and going down a hill it will engine bake just as nicely as a manual will. Only real loss is the fixed 50/50 torque split in the manual's transfer case. The auto has 60/40 - 90/10 depending on conditions and type of driving. I'm sure they'll keep the manual for the sti and wrx models.
"Subaru won’t miss many sales by dropping the 5-speed manual transmission from the 2017 Impreza lineup." Wow, Subaru is doing their best to push me back to VW. I was actually considering a 2017 Impreza hatch. Not anymore. Once Subaru rids themselves of all manuals, it's unlikely that I'll be buying another new car from them.
Wow, for you to think that a pos VW that will fall apart after 100K is an option over a Subaru means you don't deserve to own one a Subi anyway. VW's are truly pieces of junk. Poor quality with plastic trim that'll fall off soon enough. And to think you'd throw your money away to a company known for bullshetting millions shows you're an idiotic consumer, LOL!
7% sales in manual transmissions alone is a great enough reason to eliminate it entirely. We don't want another Mitsubishi in the market.
No one here in the "Old Europe" would consider a compact car without a manual gear box. Automatic and CV transmissions work well here on "large cruising cars", but not on compact, sporty cars. So it means Impreza will not be imported in Europe anymore... Only a few of them were annyway... Lets' wait and see about the 2018 WRX and WRX STI...
my limited edition RS40 Manual just went up in value 300% lol
Um....working for Subaru in Canada, I can assure you that the manual transmission is still available here. Not sure about the States but you can order a manual transmission in Canada.
That's strange. I'm in Québec City and have been told by a couple of local dealers, and Subaru Canada when I called the national office, that only an automatic would be offered in Canada. Apart from any totally unrealistic price increase I'll definitely be buying a 2017 5-door in December and the fact there will be no manual really didn't affect my decision. Subaru Canada couldn't/wouldn't give any indication of when in December it will be released here, nor any indication of just how big the increase in price will be.
I'm working in Québec for Subaru and we've just made order for the 2017 model, I do confirm that the manual is still available in Canada only!!! Sorry for you guys down Under.
"I'm working in Québec for Subaru" Frederic, as you work for Subaru in Québec, perhaps you can give a hint of when I might receive my pre-ordered 2017 Impreza? I even already have the VIN for my car. The Canadian Subaru web site is still just saying "in December", the local dealer no help at all. It's hard to make holiday plans when I don't know if I'll have a car or not! Surely Subaru Canada must know by now just when they will be able to deliver. What do they gain by being so secretive at this point?
Here at Subaru of Maple in Toronto we got our first order yesterday. Just ask your salesman if the vehicle is in transit. I mean you have the VIN number already just be patient because you're not the only one waiting for this car. If the car is in a "local for transit" status it could be any day now. Dealerships can't track a moving train. When it gets there, it gets there, be patient. Trust me when I say your dealership is trying their best to get you into your car. They are not the ones making the vehicle. If you're among the many that ordered last month then it's going to be "sometime" in December. People who ordered in September/October will get their orders this week. Be patient otherwise you're just gonna be another customer a salesman wishes you went somewhere else. If you want to cancel your order then cancel. I'm pretty sure they'll get someone to fill your order in a couple hours.
The core Subaru die-hards like me will be very disappointed. Subaru is selling so many vehicles these days that they have made the decision to leave some of us behind. I kind of wish they would bring back a Justy type subcompact vehicle to get their average corporate gas mileage up high enough so they can bring back the 6 speed manuals. You can wind up these Impreza's (and older legacy/outbacks) with the manuals to at least make them borderline acceptable acceleration wise but the CVT really slows them down - to improve the fuel economy. In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out how to sneak a Canadian 6 speed Outback or Impreza across the border legally...
I'm trying to work on bringing a manual transmission Legacy down here myself. I work at a US Subaru dealership but we have no way to bring them in despite the fact that they are made in Indiana and exported to Canada
Subaru just lost this customer.
... and Subaru won another hundreds of new buyers ;-)
I find it bizarre that a drivers car like the new Impreza does not have a manual option. Surely Subaru should have developed a 6 gear manual option . They will lose potential buyers,an opportunity lost! The decision on a UK launch seems a long way off. Will the new WRX/STI be manual,or are we in for another shock!!
If only they had developed a 6 speed manual transmission plus auto rev match...that would have completely turn around its sales figures.
What sales figures? Subaru is the oly manufacturer you has beaten their sales quotas since 2007. They have increased their sales every year without fail. I swear there are people commenting on here who think they know how to do marketing. Oh and did the American people know that Subaru WILL BE making the manual transmission as of this January. Americans, do your research because you're making yourselves look very ignorant.
Looks like this is an article from Subaru Austrailia...not USA!
This article is inaccurate. The 2017 Impreza retains a manual transmission option on USA models
I don't understand why any one would prefer an automatic transmission in an AWD. I have an Impreza Manual and will only trade it in on another manual of similar capability. I rent a lot of cars and they are usually only automatic. I never feel that I have the control, particularly on dirt roads when driving those cars. Such a pity Suburu has dropped the manual. I would have done a trade in. As for catering for a younger market, my daughter wants to learn to drive in a manual car.
I just went to the Subaru Website. Jan 1017. "Build your own" Impreza. 5 sp manual is available. This article is nonsense.
I didn't see that. Was this a USA website? I am in Australia and we don't get all of the same features that were offered on the models in the US. Good to know if that is the case though. Thanks.
I got a 2017 manual. The true lifers of Subaru just want the boxer engine and simple manual gearbox. We don't want a CVT. CVTs are overly complicated. Don't take my word for just ask a tranny shop which gearbox is the most difficult to fix. my mom leased 2 Nissan rogues, by the time each of them were ready to go back the CVTs did not feel dependable whatsoever, and thats not even near 60,000 miles yet. CVTs need to go away. Real car guys don't buy CVTs. You have a timing chain right, how many miles you go til service on that? And it doesn't move around in the engine, just goes around in a circle all day, and they typically have to be services between 110,000 miles and 160,000 miles. A chain that goes up and down taking the stresses of the drive train??? That won't get much passed 100,000 miles. They are good for one application, hybrid vehicles. If you want basic car that is easy to maintain, then get subaru with a manual transmission. Sales figures have to be a lie, they just want to sell more cars. Since Subarus last so damn long a CVT can cure that problem and they will sell more cars.
The reason they had such a drop in manual cars is because the last model completely lost the interest of that particular section of the market. Let’s be honest Subaru completely lost its sporty look for a while. Now they have worked hard to clasp back some of its charm they have dropped the manual? Subaru I think you need to do some research and really figure out who your market is and what they want! Keep missing the target! I like the new look but completely let down by the CVT choice. Would settle for dual sports clutch but CVT?! What’s wrong with you Subaru??