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Subaru Outback 10 Best Used Cars Under $10K; It Won’t Be Easy Finding One

The Subaru Outback is one of the 10 Best Used cars under $10K according to KBB, but good luck finding one.

The Subaru Outback is one of the 10 Best Used Cars Under $10K according to Kelly Blue Book (KBB) in their latest list. Outback is the only SUV/Crossover on the list that comes with all-wheel-drive, but good luck finding one that’s less than 5-7 years old. The Subaru Outback wagon/SUV/crossover multi-purposed vehicle comes standard with all-wheel-drive making it a desirable used car and owners don’t sell unless they are loaded with miles on the odometer or it’s been driven hard and put up wet.

The only all-wheel-drive vehicles on the KBB list this year are the Outback and the Subaru Legacy sedan. Outback is the only SUV/Crossover on the list as all the other cars are sedans except for the Kia Soul which is a small hatch. The other cars making the list are the Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Toyota Avalon, Honda Accord, Toyota Prius, Mazda3, and Toyota Corolla, all sedans and none come with all-wheel-drive.

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It’s what makes the Outback a desirable used vehicle because they make great all-weather capable commuting cars and they have the utility of an SUV. KBB says you can find an 8-9-year-old model for around $9,300. If you live in a cold weather state or the mountain states, the best good used vehicles will be snatched up quickly.

It won’t be easy finding a low-mileage used Outback because their owners hold on to them for so long. Like a badge of honor, they watch the odometer roll over the 100,000-mile and then 200,000-mile marks and beyond. Then they don’t sell them, they just give them to a younger family member. According to Subaru, 96 percent of all Subaru cars built in the last 12 years are still on the road today. That’s an amazing number when you consider how many older Subarus are still going strong. These numbers are backed by independent studies.

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Photo credit: Subaru USA