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Subaru launches all-new global 2014 Subaru Forester in Japan

The all-new 2014 Subaru Forester was launched in Japan this week and made its world premiere with a must-see new video.

The new 2014 Subaru Forester made its world premiere in Tokyo this week and the Japanese automaker used a unique Projection Mapping presentation to unveil the new model. Hundreds were in attendance this week as Subaru unveiled the all-new 2014 Subaru Forester to the world. Those in attendance at the unveiling were treated to the video showing the all-new Forester and how it was designed.

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd, who is the parent company of Subaru, is expecting the fourth-generation Forester to be a global vehicle. The Forester made its debut in 1997 and continues to make its advance as a global SUV. Subaru has revealed the new crossover with a new turbocharged engine, a broader profile and a roomier interior. The 2014 Forester gets a number of improvements and has been completely redone from the ground up.

Enhanced vehicle performance

It starts with improved basic vehicle attributes such as vehicle stability, ride quality and noise levels have been further improved due to the vehicle' s enhanced body rigidity. Driveability and fuel efficiency have also been improved due to a new generation Boxer engine and a new Lineartronic automatic transmission.

Subaru' s own direct injection and turbo technology was adopted for the new generation Boxer engine. By injecting fuel directly into cylinders, combustion efficiency was improved, resulting in higher engine power and fuel efficiency. By using the newly developed twin scroll type turbo charger, high performance with high engine output and torque was achieved.

Subaru has adopted a Lineartronic CVT with improved driveability and environmental friendliness by optimizing the parts and layouts. Some parts such as the torque converter and chains were modified to enhance the high performance of the direct injection turbo engine. The new Lineartronic helps improve fuel efficiency on the new crossover.

A new highly tuned chassis and "X-MODE" AWD

The chassis was tuned exclusively for the turbo-charged model. Suspension rigidity was reinforced for better stability during high speed driving. Vehicle sway was minimized due to damper tuning and enlarged stabilizer diameter, turbo models offer superior stability when changing lanes and high-speed cornering.

Subaru has always been known for its off-road prowess, but the new AWD control system "X-MODE" delivers superior rough-road driving capability. The new system has been developed for driving on uneven or slippery road conditions. Engine, transmission and VDC are controlled cooperatively. By pushing "X-MODE" button, the driver can use the system easily and make the vehicle stable.

Greater comfort and utility

The cabin of the newly designed Forester was redone for greater comfort and utility for all passengers. Interior space has been increased due to the broader profile with more room and comfort for passengers. The door openings have been enlarged to provide improved ingress and egress. Seating positions were also totally reviewed to provide better visibility to all passengers, compared to the outgoing model.

Cargo space and the rear gate has also been enlarged giving the new 2014 Forester even better utility. A new powerlift tailgate has also been developed for greater outdoor use. By simply pushing the button, the tailgate can be opened and closed automatically. A new "clean side sill" design protects passengers from dirt, when getting in and out of a car by keeping the sill clean.

Subaru has improved every area of the new 2014 Forester. The new crossover was just launched in Japan and will soon be a global SUV. Look for the North American debut of the all-new 2014 Subaru Forester at the Los Angeles Auto Show November 30, 2012.

Watch the 2014 Subaru Forester Projection Mapping presentation at the Tokyo unveiling this week.