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Subaru BRZ GT300 has roughest day yet at Suzuka Circuit

Subaru BRZ GT300 qualifies fourth and can’t catch the leaders this time at Suzuka Circuit. What happened to the BRZ?

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The weather was not a factor in the sixth round of the SUPER GT Series, but the 2014 Subaru BRZ GT300 had disappointing results at Suzuka Circuit. Coming off a first place finish in the last race, Subaru BRZ GT300 teams expectations were high for this 1000km race. The Subaru BRZ race car qualified fourth at Suzuka Circuit and the team was never able to make up the distance during the race. But one key factor played a role in the poor finish.

Conditions on the track were ideal

The Subaru BRZ GT300 has been one of the fastest cars all season, but this race would produce different results. They started farther back in the pack and could never get the pace up from the beginning. The team finished in 9th place but they still get a point in the championship race. There was big crowd of 36,000 that watched the race and the weather and temperatures were perfect for the race.

Roughest day yet for BRZ

The BRZ GT300 race team had its roughest day yet at the 1000km race at Suzuka Circuit in Japan. The car hit the pits early in the race and was able to return in less congestion than where they started the race in fourth place. But the BRZ was never able to catch the top group and fell behind in the race. The team fell behind right from the start and were never able to recover the time.

The 2014 BRZ ran by the R&D Sport team came away with a point in the championship series and stays in 4th place in the standings for the championship this year. The TWS LM Corsa BMW Z4 took the top spot in the race and came all the way back from a 6th place start to get the checkered flag. But the car was hit from behind early on and could not get back up to top speeds.

BRZ takes a hit early in the race

The Subaru BRZ GT300 was hit hit from behind by another car early in the race and was a contributing factor in the poor finish. The cars aerodynamics were affected, and STI general manager Eiji Tatsumi said the cars dynamics were definitely changed by the collision. Tatsumi said, “When we checked the vehicle in the pits, the aerodynamic devices were damaged by the hit the BRZ took in the rear from another machine in the beginning. The downforce of the rear had been significantly reduced because of this.”

The 2014 Subaru BRZ GT300 qualified fourth and can’t catch the leaders this time at Suzuka Circuit. The hit from behind changed the sport coupes dynamics and the team has to settle for a 9th place finish. Next up is round 7 which will be held at Pre-Ram United Circuit October 4-5. Stay tuned.

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