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Subaru BRZ GT300 gets incredible win at rain-soaked Fuji Speedway [video]

The 2015 Subaru BRZ GT300 team gets their first win of the season at a rain-soaked Fuji Speedway. What made the win so special?

The 2014 Subaru BRZ GT300 has been the fastest car on the track all season, but they haven’t been able to translate that to a win, until now. That all changed this weekend as the BRZ race car brought home a win at the 5th round of the SUPER GT Series yesterday. BRZ had the pole position for the second time this season and was again the fastest car in the field. But this time, drivers Kota Sasaki and Takuto Iguchi piloted the #61 2014 Subaru BRZ to a victory for the STI team, even in the rain.

It was rainy from the start

The race started with the safety car leading the formation lap because of the wet track surface because of the rain. The team saw the same thing happen during the last race at Sports Land SUGO when they qualified second fastest, but saw the rains slow the faster BRZ down and they finished a disappointing 14th. The race at Fuji Speedway had a one hour delay and it looked like track conditions would hurt the BRZ again. But the team learned from the last rainy race conditions.

BRZ led from the beginning

The BRZ GT300 got off to a good start and led the race from the very beginning. But the rain, caused by a typhoon, became stronger and slowed the race forcing the safety car to come back out. The conditions gradually improved and the BRZ was back out in front again and running hard. Even though track conditions were not ideal, Sasaki had created a significant advantage and kept the lead.

The drivers pushed the pace

The BRZ needed to make a pit stop and driver change, but Iguchi was able to return to the course and stay in first place. The new driver pushed the pace even faster and increased the lead in the faster Subaru BRZ. He was able to continue in the lead and never looked back. The rains returned and the safety car came back out on the rain-soaked track for the last time before officials had to stop the race for good. Iguchi got the checkered flag in the top class as the race came to a close.

BRZ was the fastest car on the track

The team definitely had the fastest car again this weekend and this time the rain didn’t cause the team to slow down. The disappointing result from Sports Land SUGO was a valuable lesson how they needed to keep charging even on the wet track. This weekend they kept the pedal down and finished with a win. They had the pole position and never relinquished the lead from the start. Next up is round 6 at the Suzuka Circuit August 30-31.

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