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Drivers push Subaru BRZ GT300 to the fastest time in its class

The testing of the Subaru BRZ GT300 for Suzuka 1000km goes well. Just how fast is this BRZ race car?

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he SUPER GT testing is done and the 2014 Subaru BRZ GT300 was the fastest in the GT300 class getting ready for the Suzuka Circuit. The testing was carried out and drivers Kota Sasaki and Takuto Iguchi pushed the 2014 Subaru BRZ GT300 race car to the limit. Through the two intense days of testing, this BRZ is the fastest in its class.

The team won last year at Suzuka 1000km

Last year saw the Subaru BRZ GT300 take first place in the SUPER GT Suzuka 1000km race of August. The BRZ Subaru team will attempt to get another victory on the same track. It’s shaping up good the the team as they have the quickest time around this circuit this year.

This BRZ is faster than the rest of the field

This BRZ race car is fast and the team started in the pole position last month at Autopolis of Hita, Oita Prefecture in Japan. The team stood on the podium with a second place finish and it was their first top three finish of the season. STI starts with the production BRZ that is built for the track right from the factory. It makes the perfect platform for the race car.

The BRZ led the field but numerous accidents and red flags kept the fast BRZ from winning the race. After the race, Sasaki said, “It is frustrating indeed, but the car was perfect, and the performance and speed of the BRZ was fantastic until we used up the tires. It was shame we did not win, but we feel positive going into the next race. We were able to show all our fans the speed of the new Subaru BRZ and the changes we made paid off.”

Suzuka 1000km is a special race

Driver Kota Sasaki is from Suzuka and a native of this area. It’s a special race for the the BRZ GT300 driver and he’s looking for another win after seeing how fast the car is during testing. The team has made improvements to the suspension to make it even quicker for this race.

Tatsumi Eiji STI team general director thinks that the suspension improvements will make a difference, But he thinks the tire performance will be a key with the intense heat in August. He said, “Because it’s such a long race, the heat will be a factor and we will try to take advantage with the new chassis performance, but tire performance is key. We will aim for another BRZ victory.

Next up for the 2014 BRZ GT300 race car will be round 6 at the Suzuka 1000km race on August 30-31. The drivers pushed the BRZ GT300 race car to the limit getting ready for this next race. Through two intense days of testing, this BRZ is the fastest in its class.

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