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Subaru Announces A New Partnership With Panasonic For Its EV Batteries

Subaru will launch new all-electric vehicles and has announced a partnership with Panasonic to supply the batteries.

Subaru Corporation is ramping up its new electric vehicle strategy. The Japanese automaker announced it would enter into talks with Panasonic Energy to build automotive cylindrical Li-ion batteries for its new EVs. According to the recent announcement, this will be a medium to long-range partnership. 

Subaru Corporation says the partnership with Panasonic Energy will help the Japanese automaker to meet the demand for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and automotive batteries in a rapidly expanding market.

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Subaru says they will hold discussions regarding Panasonic Energy supplying them with next-generation automotive cylindrical lithium-ion batteries. The announcement says, “Subaru will install batteries purchased from Panasonic Energy in BEVs to be produced from the latter half of the 2020s at its sites, including a dedicated BEV plant scheduled to be constructed in Gunma, Japan.”

Subaru recently announced accelerating its electrification and other initiatives by “setting a roadmap toward 2050 to contribute to the realization of a carbon-neutral society.”

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Panasonic Energy will work with Subaru Corporation to achieve this goal as a partner by supplying its high-quality, high-performance cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, which have had a successful track record in the market for years, says Subaru.

The announcement said, “Through establishing this partnership, Subaru and Panasonic Energy will contribute to developing the automotive and battery industries and help solve social issues, such as maintaining employment in the region and developing human resources.”

Subaru recently announced accelerating its electrification plan and will offer three new electric vehicles by 2026. 

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Under the ramped-up EV plan, Subaru will add a dedicated EV assembly line at its Oizumi plant in Japan as early as 2027, with a capacity for 200,000 vehicles a year.

Subaru plans three new EVs for U.S. customers by the end of 2026 and will add the capacity to build 400,000 full-electric cars in Japan by 2028. The rapid expansion plan signals a new goal by Subaru to have 40 percent of its global sales from electrified vehicles by the decade’s end.

Subaru will launch the new all-electric vehicles with batteries supplied by its new partnership with Panasonic Energy. 

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