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Subaru is #1 at Luring Buyers Away from its Competitors; Can they Retain the Ranking in 2017?

Can Subaru stay #1 at luring buyers from its competitors in 2017?

Last year, Subaru was the number one automaker at gaining customers from other brands. According to a report from Experian, the small Japanese automaker lures buyers from other automakers at a higher rate than any other automaker in America. Subaru has the highest conquest/defection ratio among all brands in the US.

Experian Automotive’s Q2 2016 Automotive Briefing says, Subaru added nearly 3.5 times more customers than it lost to other brands in 2016. The report said, Subaru’s conquest/defection ratio was 3.48. This means, for every customer Subaru of America lost to another brand, they gained 3.48 customers from another brands.

The next closest automaker is Kia with a ratio of 1.7. The report says General Motors, Toyota, Ford, Mitsubishi and Honda all are losing more customers than they pick up, and Subaru is the benefactor. Subaru is number one in luring customers away from its competitors, while still being able to retain its most loyal followers.

Can Subaru stay #1 in 2017?

Subaru expects the new 2017 Impreza Sedan and 5-Door to be big players in the compact car segment. The all-new Impreza will likely pick up sales from the Mazda3, VW golf, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla. These cars have been the best in the compact car market, but that is changing thanks to the new Subaru Impreza which hit dealer showrooms in December.

Other conquest sales in 2017 will also come from the popular Outback, Forester and Crosstrek all-wheel-drive models. Subaru is picking up new buyers who are adventure seekers who enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, running, cycling and skiing. Subaru’s core value of All-wheel-drive fits the demographic perfectly.

Subaru will also launch a new-generation Crosstrek crossover and a new Crosstrek hybrid model in 2017. With their new products, look for Subaru to stay #1 in luring customers away from its competitors, while still being able to retain its most loyal followers.

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