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The Percentage Of Subaru Models Made Here, Sold Here May Shock You

How many Subaru models are made in the U.S. now, and what percentage of those made here are sold here? The answer may surprise you. It did me. 

Subaru's American influence is increasing.

Subaru Corporation, a Japanese company, is not just investing in the U.S., but it is also deeply committed to the U.S. market, recognizing its importance and the value it brings to the company and its customers. Find out 5 things you should know about Subaru in my report here.

Subaru knows where its bread is buttered—the U.S. market. That's why it is investing heavily in this country. I'll share new insights that may surprise you. 

Of all the vehicles produced and sold in the United States, Tesla ranks number one overall, which is not a surprise. But Subaru of America is a brand that produces more models sold in the U.S. than you might expect.  

I recently covered the American Made Car Index, which you can read here, and found that Subaru is gaining slightly in its percentage of U.S. parts. There's an interesting fact. Where does Subaru rank among all automakers in regard to vehicles produced in the United States and sold in the country? 

I've listed automakers of vehicles made at domestic plants sold in the U.S. in the first quarter of 2024. The information comes from Automotive News data from the American Made Index report. 

  1. Tesla - 100%
  2. Ford Motor - 72.4%
  3. Stellantis - 66.8%
  4. Honda Motor 61.5%
  5. Toyota Motor 53.6%
  6. Subaru - 48.7%
  7. General Motors - 47.6%
  8. Mercedes-Benz - 46.3%
  9. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi - 44.1%
  10. BMW - 39.8%
  11. Hyundai Motor - 37.2%
  12. Volkswagen - 23.8%
  13. Mazda - 18.6%
  14. Volvo - 9.2%

Subaru surprisingly makes 48.7% of all its vehicles at Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) in Lafayette, Indiana, that are sold in the U.S. market. Another 5% are shipped to Canada. So, around half of U.S.-made Subaru models are sold in North America. The rest are manufactured in Gunma, Japan, and shipped to Subaru of America retailers. 

Subaru's significant investment in U.S. manufacturing is not just a financial decision but a strategic move that ensures jobs stay in the U.S. and the company's commitment to the local economy. 

Subaru now makes the 2025 Subaru Outback midsize SUV, the next-generation 2024 Subaru Crosstrek subcompact SUV Sport, Wilderness, and Limited trims with the 2.5-liter Boxer engine, the 2024 Subaru Ascent 3-Row SUV, and the Legacy midsize sedan in Lafayette, Indiana. 

SIA dropped the Impreza compact car production and started producing the three new Crosstrek trim levels last year. This was significant because the Subaru Crosstrek was recently (2022) the number one vehicle sold by Subaru of America. 

With the Crosstrek now produced in the U.S., customers can get delivery sooner without delays like they had before the switch. More is coming to SIA. 

Subaru is increasing its U.S. manufacturing influence. 

Subaru will start bringing its top-selling model, the next-generation 2025 Subaru Forester manufacturing, to the Lafayette, Indiana, plant next year. Read my report here. 

The percentage of vehicles produced in the U.S. and sold in the country should increase significantly because Subaru Legacy production will stop to make room for the new Forester manufacturing. 

Subaru will sell over ten times the number of Forester compact SUVs in the U.S. compared to the discontinued Legacy sedan. Through the first five months of 2024, SOA delivered 81,741 Forester models to customers compared with 7,610 Legacy models. 

SIA's American influence is noteworthy

Subaru Indiana Automotive (SIA) currently makes around 40 percent of Subaru's total vehicle output. Subaru of America is the Japanese automaker's largest market, selling nearly 75 percent of its vehicles. 

Subaru will soon build all four of its top-selling models in America. The Outback midsize SUV, Crosstrek Sport, Wilderness, Limited, Ascent 3-Row SUV, and now the next-generation Forester compact SUV will soon join the American-made family, a promising step towards a more American Subaru fleet. 

With the new Forester becoming American-made, the number of Subaru vehicles made in the U.S. and sold in the U.S. is expected to increase significantly. This growth could potentially surpass that of Toyota and Honda, marking an exciting phase in Subaru's U.S. manufacturing journey. Stay tuned for more updates!

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I am Denis Flierl, a top Torque News reporter since 2012. I’ve invested over 13 years in the automotive industry in a consulting role, working with every major car brand. I am an experienced Rocky Mountain Automotive Press member. You'll find my expert Subaru analysis here. Follow me on my X SubaruReportAll Subaru, WRXSTI, @DenisFlierlFacebook, and Instagram.

Photo credit: Tucson Subaru