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The Often Forgotten Subaru Legacy Is Named Mid-Size Car Of The Year

Subaru announced the 2020 Legacy has received from the award for Midsize Car of the Year. Will the new seventh-generation see a resurgence?

The often forgotten Subaru Legacy sedan has not gone unnoticed and the all-new 2020 model has been awarded the Midsize Car of the Year by Auto123. The impressive win comes against top-selling models like the best-selling sedan in America, Toyota Camry, and the all-new tenth-generation Honda Accord.

Sedan sales have been dropping like a rock in Canada, and the Subaru Legacy should benefit from its status as the only vehicle in Canada’s midsize sedan segment to offer all-wheel drive as standard equipment. Sales have shifted to all-wheel-drive utility vehicles and the Legacy’s jacked-up wagon sibling, Subaru’s popular Outback currently attracts nearly six times more buyers than the Legacy.

2020 Subaru Legacy wins mid-size sedan of the yar award2020 Subaru Legacy

According to a report from Driving, sales of the Subaru Legacy have dropped 21 percent in 2018. The Legacy has dropped 14 percent in the U.S. market in 2019. The Legacy is all-new for 2020 model change and it should see a spike in sales because it gets numerous upgrades over the outgoing sedan.

In their comments on this year’s Legacy, the panel pointed out the improvements Subaru continues to make for the new-generation Legacy to the interior space, comfort, and design.

2020 Subaru Legacy gets new improvements2020 Subaru Legacy

The most notable improvements to the seventh-generation Legacy include riding on the Subaru Global Platform for improved driving dynamics, for the first time since 2012, the Legacy lineup features a 2.4-liter turbocharged engine, Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist technology is now standard, and Legacy is equipped for the first time in the U.S. with a Lane Centering Function.

In another Legacy first, the 2020 model offers a Front View Monitor that captures images within the driver’s blind spots in front of the vehicle and displays a 180-degree view on the 11.6-inch display, providing safety and assistance when checking road conditions ahead or parking.

Subaru didn’t forget about the cabin. Highlighting Legacy’s upscale interior is an all-new tablet-style 11.6-inch full HD multimedia display, the largest, most advanced infotainment screen ever in a Subaru. The cabin is larger and offers more legroom, (featuring 41.1 inches of rear legroom, more than Accord, Camry, Altima, Malibu, and Sonata).

Last year’s Subaru Legacy was the often forgotten sedan, but with all the new upgrades, the 2020 Subaru Legacy could be making a comeback and has not gone unnoticed winning the Midsize Car of the Year award.

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Digitaldoc (not verified)    December 9, 2019 - 1:06PM

Seriously doubt that the Legacy is going to make a comeback. Sedan sales are dropping like a rock, and Ford and Buick are eliminating all sedans from their lineup. Subaru should do the same and focus on their crossovers, and offering some additional engine options, and hybrids into the US market.