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Nissan GT-R vs Olympic Hurdler Michelle Jenneke: Who Wins?

With the summer Olympics in high gear in Rio, here’s a short clip of Olympic hurdler Michelle Jenneke taking on the Nissan GT-R. Who wins?

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Leave it up to Top Gear to come up with a race between an Olympic hurdler and the high-performance Nissan GT-R. In an earlier version of the show, the Australian 100 meter hurdler, Michelle Jenneke, takes on Jeremy Clarkson in a high-speed shootout. Who can turn around faster?

Australia's Michelle Jenneke, rose to fame back in 2012 as she got ready for the 100 meter hurdles event at the World Junior Track and Field Championships in Barcelona. She won the event in spectacular fashion. She’ll be back in the spotlight next Tuesday in Rio when the women's hurdles heats are contested.

Watch as Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, challenges her to a race with the Nissan GT-R. Clarkson clearly has the advantage as he sets the launch control and doesn’t have to turn the car around. Although the Olympic hurdler can turn around quicker, Clarkson smashes the car in reverse and powers backward. See who wins.

Watch Nissan GT-R vs a Woman-Top Gear Festival video

Source: Top Gear

Image source: Top Gear

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