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Looking for a Cheap Car Deal? Nissan Boasts the Lowest Car Lease in America, $129/Month

Are you looking for the cheapest car deal in America? Nissan Sentra SV boasts the lowest lease at just $129 per month. What other popular Nissan is lowest?

Nissan boasts the lowest monthly payment price in America. Which model is its? Nissan is offering a $129.00/month lease deal on the 2016 Sentra SV. This from, who reports the latest update on new lease offerings.

The higher trim Nissan Sentra V comes in next with a lease payment of just $139.00 per month. The Volkswagen Jetta S also comes in at $139.00 per month and the Ford Focus $149.00 per month.

The next tier of cheap deals offers three other automakers. Wantalease reports that you can get a Toyota Corolla at $159.00; the Chevy Cruze at $169.00; and the Honda Civic at $179.00.

If you want Nissan’s most popular mid-size sedan, you can get the Nissan Altima at just $189.00 per month. The Chrysler 200 Limited, Honda Accord, and Volkswagen Passat are also all at $189.00 per month.

Nissan currently offers the cheapest car deal in America with the Nissan Sentra SV boasting the lowest lease at just $129 per month. The 2016 Nissan Sentra V and Altima sedan are also among the lowest deals in the US.


Photo: Nissan