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It's More Likely Now Subaru Will Collaborate With Toyota On A New EV Pickup

Subaru needs a new midsize pickup, and Toyota recently revealed its new Pickup EV concept. Could an all-electric pickup collaboration be in the works?

With Toyota putting the automotive world on notice this week announcing a $70 billion plan to electrify its lineup, a new Subaru EV pickup collaboration with Toyota is now possible. Toyota's launch of more than a dozen all-electric models by 2025 previewed a new concept midsize EV pickup.

An all-electric pickup would be particularly compelling. Subaru and Toyota recently revealed the new 2023 Solterra all-electric compact SUV and the Toyota bZ4X twin to hit the market next year. It's likely with Toyota now owning 20 percent of Subaru Corporation; the two Japanese automakers will partner to bring other all-electric models.

2023 Subaru Baja midsize pickup
photo credit: Toyota Motor

Toyota's new all-electric pickup concept, designated the Pickup EV, is about the size of the Tacoma. It has more traditional pickup styling and is not outlandish like the Nissan Surf-Out concept pickup. The one model missing from Subaru's all-wheel-drive lineup is a midsize pickup.

The Toyota Pickup EV concept retains traditional styling, and the only indication of its electric propulsion system is its "blanked-out" grille. The compact Cruiser EV concept sits next to the midsize pickup and is inspired by the classic FJ40 Land Cruiser and FJ Cruiser that ended U.S. sales in 2014.

2023 Subaru Baja midsize pickup
photo credit: Toyota Motor

Midsize pickup trucks are one of the hottest automotive segments, and Subaru is losing out if they don't offer one in the North American market. Subaru of America would be in a great position to cash in if they would go even further and build a new midsize Wilderness truck to join the Outback, Forester, and soon-coming Crosstrek Wilderness SUVs.

Subaru's CEO recently said the automaker is rethinking its electric model target. They could accelerate its plan to bring more new models if the Solterra EV is a success in the U.S. and around the globe. Read the complete report here.

With the new Toyota EV Pickup concept revealed this week, the giant Japanese automaker could collaborate with Subaru to build an all-electric pickup or a plug-in hybrid variant. We think Subaru should resurrect the Baja and offer one for its U.S. customers.

In the comment section below, let us know if you would buy an all-electric 2023 Subaru Baja midsize pickup next year.

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Photo credit: Toyota Motor