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How you can win Evolution Tour tickets by test driving a CLA-Class or GLA-Class

Test drive the new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class or 2015 GLA-Class and get tickets to the Evolution Tour. Who are the three popular bands?

Mercedes-Benz is at it again attracting new millennial buyers to the 2014 CLA-Class and 2015 GLA-Class entry-level luxury compacts. Mercedes is offering test-drives in the CLA and GLA in a number of cities across the U.S. and after the test drive, you will get a chance to win tickets to see Alabama Shakes, Young the Giant and Mayer Hawthorne.

Brilliant marketing by Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz calls it the Evolution Tour and it will be coming to nine cities across the U.S. Each concert series will feature the three bands who will be playing to an intimate, invite-only audience. This is brilliant marketing by the German automaker as they attract a new buyer to the luxury brand. Mercedes wants to get new millennial buyers into their cars, and once you test drive the new luxury compacts, they hope you will be hooked.

Schedule your test drive

This new Evolution Tour will be coming to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Atlanta, Miami, Washington DC and New York. Mercedes is offering test drives in more cities like Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Houston, and West Palm Beach. There are specific dates for the test drives and you can choose the location that is nearest you. You will then get a chance to win 2 tickets to any Evolution Tour stop.

Test drive the new CLA or GLA

No purchase is necessary to be eligible to get the 2 tickets. Mercedes says a purchase or down payment on a new CLA-Class or GLA-Class will not increase your chances of winning. All you have to do is sign up for a test drive in any of the cities, and take the 2014 CLA-Class or 2015 GLA-Class for a spin. Test drives will begin later this month and run through the beginning of November.

How do you sign up?

Get ready for the Evolution Tour, a nine-city concert series featuring Alabama Shakes, Young the Giant or Mayer Hawthorne, each playing to an intimate, invite-only audience. Schedule your test drive in the 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class four door coupe or the 2015 GLA -Class compact SUV. Click here to find out how you could win your exclusive tickets to the Evolution Tour.

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