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How special one-off 2016 BMW M3 is dedicated to partying

BMW M GmbH will unveil a one-off 2016 BMW M3 “Munchner Wirte” to help celebrate Oktoberfest in Germany. How is this car tied to motorsport?


Leave it up to the Germans to come up with a special one-off 2016 BMW M3 performance sedan to help them usher in the season of merrymaking called Oktoberfest. The M3 “Munchner Wirte” (translated Munich hosts) is a creation of BMW M GmbH, the performance division of the Bavarian automaker. Why did they give the M3 this special livery?

Someone at BMW headquarters in Munich has a little too much time on their hands and came up with an idea to paint the new M3 with a special liver that harks back to that of the legendary BMW M1 Procar from 1981. Walter Maurer, the original designer of the BMW M1 Procar “Munchner Wirte” who painted it on by hand 34 years ago, agreed to bring the design back to life on the M3.

This one-off M3 will come complete with Bavarian-style facade painting with blue and white twisted cords, and has depictions of Munich landmarks such as the Olympic Stadium, Siegestor, Frauenkirche church and BMW’s “four-cylinder” headquarters building. The special livery also has a roast chestnut seller and the Wiesn-Schanke beer tent at the Oktoberfest.

We think it was an excuse for someone at BMW M GmbH to have some fun getting ready for the biggest beer festival in Germany called Oktoberfest which runs from September 19-October 4. The one-off 2016 BMW M3 “Munchner Wirte” does pay tribute to a legendary BMW race car and will be on display at BMW Welt during Oktoberfest where the traditional autumn festival is all about drinking beer and partying. We think things were slow this summer at BMW M GmbH and they wanted an excuse to have some fun getting ready for the 16 day festival.

Media source: BMW