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Video: How the Canadians do it right when they buy a BMW M3/M4

BMW knows how to take the M3 and M4 delivery process to another level. Watch as 15 Canadians get the ultimate new car experience.


Fifteen Canadian BMW customers and their families had a unique experience as they picked up their new BMW M3 and M4 performance cars at the BMW Welt in Munich. After they received the royal treatment from BMW at the BMW Welt in Munich, Germany, they drove their new cars 1.150km (715 miles) in six days through six countries. The trip included driving on the autobahn and through the Alps. Now that’s a unique experience in any new car.

Kevin Marcotte, Marketing Director BMW Canada, says this was the third annual BMW Canada BMW M European tour. One Canadian says, “Its an awesome experience, it was really cool.”, and another owner says, “This was pretty well over the top.”

The experience starts with a BMW plant tour in Munich, and then on to the BMW driving experience where they learn how to drive M3 and M4 test cars while drifting and handling the performance cars on a controlled course in dry and wet conditions. Next up, the delivery experience is like no other as the new BMW M3 and M4 owners get a thorough introduction to their new cars at the BMW Welt.

The highlight of the day for these Canadian customers has to be when they are presented their new BMW M3 sedans and M4 Coupes. After a personalized one-and-a-half hour vehicle briefing from a specialist, each Canadian customer received the keys to their new BMW M3/M4 and was able to drive their performance car for the first time in the BMW Welt delivery area.

On the road, the first stop on the six day journey is at the Interalpen Hotel in Austria. The next day they travel through the Swiss Alps and on to the coast in Italy. This is followed up with a drive through France and finishing up in Monte Carlo in Monaco. At the end of the trip, the new BMW M3 and M4 performance cars are loaded up and shipped back to their owners in Canada. BMW knows how to take the delivery process to another level.

Media Source: BMW

Watch the BMW Canada BMW M European Tour 2015 video.