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First 2015 Subaru Outback owners get special upgrades in Russia

The all-new 2015 Subaru Outback is launching in Russia. What special off-road upgrades will the first buyers get?


Subaru Russia announced the dealer launch of the 2015 Outback wagon. The beginning of preorders has started at dealers in Russia and Belarus. For the first buyers, Subaru is giving customer a special present to accompany their new Outback to make it very off-road ready.

Like other global markets, Russians will take the Outback wagon and use it for off-road recreation. Many enthusiasts will modify the vehicle for more extreme use. For 2015 iOutback still comes with Subaru’s Symmetrical all-wheel-drive that makes the vehicle so popular in the northern Russian climate. It also comes with the new X-Mode for steep off-road inclines. The first 2015 Outback AWD enthusiasts now get more incentives to buy quickly.

The Subaru Outback has always been known for its off-road features that sets it apart from other all-wheel-drive wagons. The 2015 Outback comes with two new features that makes it even more outdoor oriented than the outgoing model. The new fifth-generation Subaru Outback comes more.

Special offer for off-road enthusiasts

New customers who buy the SUV-alternative Outback before May 31, will get original accessories for free as a special gift. The cost of installation accessories are included in the special offer. What does the early offer include?

Steel protection cover for the crankcase, steel differential cover, complete set of front and rear mudguards, set of textile floor mats, drip tray in the trunk, protective cover on rear seat backrest, Motorist Safety Kit that includes (rope, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, reflective vest, first-aid kit (without medication), and gloves). The special also includes a front grille guard and a protective pad on the trunk lid.

Subaru Russia says the total package for the 2015 Outback is worth 40,000 Rubles ($770 US) plus the cost of installation. That’s a perfect gift for off-road enthusiasts.