Extreme Subaru WRX STI teased ahead of NYIAS is shrouded in secrecy
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Extreme Subaru WRX STI teased ahead of NYIAS is shrouded in secrecy

Subaru has released a teaser image of a new extreme 2015 WRX STI that they will unveil at the NYIAS.

Subaru is one of the best automakers at keeping secrets, and they have just released a teaser of a new 2015 WRX STI. They will be bringing the new STI to the New York International Auto Show that opens this week. The teaser Subaru released, shows a 2015 WRX STI with a big aqua blue wing with an extra black carbon fiber inner spoiler and what looks like a carbon fiber trunk deck and a green body. We can see it's a sedan and not a new 5-door hatch that everyone would like to see. But what is this new STI?

The new WRX STI has just been unloaded off the trailer and sitting in a parking lot. We aren’t sure if this will be a concept STI, or the next 2015 WRX STI Global RallyCross car that Travis Pastrana, Sverre Isachsen and Bucky Lasek will be driving? We do know that the three Subaru teammates will be getting new STI RallyCross cars in time for the X Games in Austin Texas June 7. Could this be what they will be driving?

Subaru has been known to release Special Edition model STIs, and because it’s coming to the NYIAS, this model will likely be destined for the U.S. market. But that big wing with all the carbon fiber would tell us this a special model destined for the race track. We can also see a small white spot on the bottom of the image that would suggest some kind of lettering on this special STI.

We do know that Subaru Technica International (STI) has been working on a number of new race and factory models for Subaru lately. So this new STI with its bright colors would suggest it’s a factory motorsports variant of the new 2015 WRX STI that is about to make its dealer launch here in the U.S. But will this new STI ever see the streets?

Subaru has done an excellent job of hyping the new performance car along with the milder WRX since the beginning of the year. So it should be no surprise that the Japanese automaker along with STI would bring a new race variant to it’s largest market, the U.S. The New York Auto Show is the perfect venue to garner even more attention for the all-new 2015 Subaru WRX STI.

We’ll know soon what this new surprise WRX STI really is. Stay tuned to Torque News for the latest 2015 Subaru WRX STI news.

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