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Entry-level CLA-Class coming soon with remarkable technologies [video]

The all-new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is an entry level compact but will come with remarkable new technologies in the future.

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The new Mercedes-Benz CLA may be an entry-level compact car, but customers will soon enjoy the latest in connected car features and wearable technologies. Mercedes-Benz will bring the internet into the car and allow customers to enjoy over 20 apps to stay connected. And that’s just the beginning of what Mercedes

The new Mercedes CLA-Class will feature everything from wearable devices with real-time vehicle data, predictive technology that adapts to your driving habits and cars that will even drive themselves. Mercedes tells us we’ll soon be able to interact with a Mercedes-Benz like never before. And it’s all coming for a new generation of CLA buyers.

What other technology can we plan on seeing in the near future? Mercedes is working on a Predictive User Interface that will give the driver suggestions like a restaurant to eat at based on places they’ve already been, the number of passengers, day of the week and more. And they say it’s just the beginning.

Predictive user experience will automatically know your preferences like turning on the heated seats in the car. For example, it will know that the driver always puts on the seat warmer whenever temps are below 32 degrees. The new CLA will be smart enough to know that, and automatically put them on before the driver gets in the car in the morning.

Google Glass integration in the CLA-Class could well be the next big thing in wearable technology. It will soon be integrated with the Pebble smart watch seen in the image above. From literal point-to-point directions through Glass, to tactile vehicle alerts delivered via Pebble, Mercedes will integrate wearables in their new automotive technology in the near future. It will notify the driver with a small vibration and tell them everything that is going on with the car and on the road.

Would you like to run a check on your new CLA diagnostics without being anywhere near the vehicle? Mercedes says yes you can. If you have a web-connected device; tablet, phone, laptop, or desktop, you can access what essentially amounts to a vehicle homepage and get data about your Mercedes-Benz from anywhere in the world.

Digital DriveStyle Nest is a wifi-enabled thermostat that delivers incredible energy savings to your home. An industry first, your Mercedes-Benz car can send estimated time of arrival information to the Nest thermostat at your home, letting it know exactly when you’ll arrive home and therefore saving as much energy as possible. All these technologies will be available “across the board” of the entire Mercedes line up. CES stands for C-Class, E-Class and S-Class.

Do you need to stay connected while on your commute? The new 2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class may be an entry-level luxury compact car, but it will soon be available with remarkable technologies in the very near future for a new generation of technology-savvy consumers.

Watch Mercedes-Benz Innovation at 2014 Consumer Electronics Show CES video.

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