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Demand is unbelievably high for Subaru Levorg Sports Tourer

Subaru has released sales info the performance Levorg Sports Tourer and demand is high. Will we see the performance wagon here in the U.S.?

Demand for the 2014 Subaru Levorg Sports Tourer is high and the Japanese automaker has another successful launch. The all-new Levorg made its dealer launch in Japan in June and the sports wagon is selling well. Subaru reports domestic production increased year-on-year due to strong sales in the U.S. and Canada and also because Levorg is doing very well in the Japan market.

We won’t see Levorg here in the U.S.

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting the new 2014 Levorg Sports wagon here in the U.S., but we will see some of its new technologies on future Subaru vehicles. The new sport tourer features some new engine technology that we’ll soon see on many new Subaru multi-purpose vehicles. Subaru has been developing new powertrains that will be more fuel-efficient. The Levorg is the first to receive it.

We will see its new engine technology

LEVORG comes with Subaru’s newly developed 1.6-liter horizontally opposed direct injection turbo (DIT) engine. It combines direct injection turbo and a small displacement engine that provides both outstanding fuel efficiency and sporty performance. It has a a high compression ratio, but takes regular 87 octane gasoline by performing a dense knock control. It also is Subaru’s first engine to come with “idling stop" for improved fuel efficiency.

This new engine technology will make it to other new Subaru’s in the near future. The all-new 2014 Subaru LEVORG is launched in Japan in June and will make it to European markets later this year. It’s a new sport tourer that embodies the new generation of Subaru, and features the most advanced safety technology on the planet. Levorg is a popular vehicle in Japan and should be a big hit in Europe where they embrace sports tourers.

Levorg comes in two flavors

Subaru launched LEVORG in two models. The standard LEVORG sports tourer is available along with the new sportier performance model LEVORG 2.0 GT-S. The standard LEVORG comes with a new smaller 1.6-liter Horizontally-Opposed direct injection turbo "DIT" Engine. Subaru also launched the new 2014 LEVORG 2.0 GT-S and it’s powered by Subaru’s new 2.0-liter Boxer engine that made its debut in the 2014 Forester XT and now in the 2015 WRX and WRX STI Type S. The 2.0 LEVORG engine will also be a Horizontally-Opposed direct injection turbocharged "DIT" engine. Subaru announced the LEVORG 2.0-liter engine would produce 221kW (296 hp) and torque that reaches 400N (295 lb. ft).

We will see this new engine technology from the 2014 Levorg Sports Tourer in future Subaru vehicles here in the U.S. The Japan market has embraced the new Sports wagon and demand is high.

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