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CR Says Avoid Nissan Sentra, The Aging Subaru Impreza Is Your Best Pick

The latest Consumer Reports reliability rankings say to avoid the Nissan Sentra and buy the 2023 Subaru Impreza instead. Check out one significant reason why.


Should you buy the aging 2023 Subaru Impreza compact car or the new Nissan Sentra? Consumer Reports recommends the aging 2023 Subaru Impreza as a compact car shopper's best choice. They say you should avoid the 2023 Nissan Sentra.

CR only recommends cars that score well in road tests, have good reliability, have critical active safety features, and perform well in crash tests. CR says even though it has other good characteristics, the 2023 Nissan Sentra's well-below-average predicted reliability has resulted in a low overall score, dropping it to the bottom of its small sedan ratings.

2023 Subaru Impreza

What does CR say about the 2023 Subaru Impreza?

Consumer Reports says the 2023 Subaru Impreza is your best pick because of its reliability. CR says, "We expect the 2023 Impreza will have about average reliability compared to the average new car." This prediction is based on data from the 2020, 2021, and 2022 models.

CR ranks the Impreza just below the Honda Insight and Toyota Corolla Hybrid. The Impreza scores better than the 2023 Toyota Corolla, Mazda 3, and Honda Civic.

2023 Subaru Impreza

Consumer Reports says the Impreza is ranked high for its comfortable ride, relatively roomy interior, easy-to-use controls, standard all-wheel-drive without a fuel-economy penalty, and available hatchback body style.

What is the price of the 2023 Impreza?

The 2023 Impreza comes in four trim levels for customers. The seven different models come in base sedan ($20,815), base hatchback ($21,315), Premium sedan ($24,215), Premium hatchback ($24,715), Sport sedan ($25,615), Sport hatchback ($25,015), and Limited hatchback ($28,415). Destination and delivery ($995) are included in the prices above. Models with a CVT automatic transmission add $1,300, depending on the trim level.

What is Impreza's fuel mileage?

The EPA says the 2023 Subaru Impreza gets 31 mpg combined city/highway and 28/36 city/highway mpg in the non-Sport CVT trims. The 2023 Impreza 4-Door sedan gets 26 combined city/highway and 23/31 city/highway mpg in the non-Sport CVT trims. The 2023 Impreza 4-Door sedan with the 5-speed manual gearbox has the same fuel mileage.

What sets the Subaru Impreza apart from the rest?

The 2023 Impreza is still the only compact car in North America with standard all-wheel drive, and it's the compact car's best feature. A few competitors offer it, but you'll have to pay extra to get the all-weather capability the Impreza offers standard on all trim levels.

Should you wait for the next-generation Impreza hatchback?

The new 2024 Impreza will get significant upgrades if you can wait. The sixth-generation Subaru Impreza compact car gets high-tech upgrades, new features, and a restyled exterior design. We reported the Subaru Impreza would drop the sedan body style last week, and Subaru confirmed it with the recent reveal. Subaru says the sedan is out, and the hatchback is in for more playful fun and utility.

A new 2024 Subaru Impreza 2.5-liter RS

The new Impreza RS comes with a 2.5-liter Boxer engine with 182 horsepower and 178 ft lbs of torque. The RS has a sport-tuned suspension, bigger brakes, 18-inch alloy wheels, and SI-Drive. The 2.5-liter engine is mated with a Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission featuring an 8-speed manual mode with steering wheel paddle shifters.

When will the 2024 Impreza be available for U.S. customers?

Subaru of America says the new sixth-generation 2024 Impreza hatchback will arrive at U.S. retailers in the spring of 2023.

If you can't wait for the redesigned Impreza, Consumer Reports says the 2023 Impreza is your best pick in the compact car category. They say you should avoid the 2023 Nissan Sentra and buy the Impreza instead.

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