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The Country that Brings You the BMW M2 Wants to Ban All Gas-Powered Cars by 2030

The country that brings you the BMW M2 is calling for all gas-powered vehicles to be banned by 2030.

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Munich Germany is home to the BMW M2, and the European country wants to ban all vehicles with gas and diesel engines by 2030. Yes, you read that right. Der Spiegel reports Bundesrat, the upper house of Germany’s parliament, passed a resolution on Monday that calls for a nationwide internal combustion car ban from its highways and streets. Seriously?

This is no joke high-performance fans. The main reason for the car ban resolution is to cut down on auto pollution. Green party lawmaker Oliver Krischer told Der Spiegel, “If the Paris agreement to curb climate-warming emissions is to be taken seriously, no new combustion engine cars should be allowed on roads after 2030.”

This means BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen and its subsidiaries will need to prepare to make the leap to a brave new world without internal combustion engines. All three automakers manufacture at least one electric car model and would need to revamp their entire lineup to all-electric.

It’s now law yet, and the resolution still needs the approval of the European Union, since it would apply to people from other EU countries that drive across Germany’s borders. If it passes, the country that brings you the BMW M2 and other performance vehicles will be banned at least from all European highways. Is this coming to the U.S. next?

Source: Der Spiegel

Photo: BMW

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FactChecker90803 (not verified)    October 12, 2016 - 6:43PM

I want the German , politicians to lead the example NOW, give up all their armoured BMW'S, Audi and Mercedes Benz and switch to I3s, Electric Smart Cars and e-trons.