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BMW M2 Scores Automobile’s All-Stars award; 3 Attributes Make it a Grin-Inducing Package

The BMW M2 scores Automobile’s All-Star award. There’s three attributes that make it a grin-inducing package.


The BMW M2 is a grin-inducing package according to Automobile Magazine, and it scores their 2017 All-Star award. The M2 Coupe gets the honor along with the Acura NSX, Chevy Bolt EV, Honda Civic Hatchback Sport, Porsche 718 Cayman S, and Volvo S90. Three attributes set the M2 apart from the others.

The BMW M2 gets another award to add to its already full trophy case. The newest M vehicle received Automobile Magazine’s All-Stars award at Amelia Island Concours d ’Elegance. The magazine picked the M2 as an All-Star winner for three attributes that make it stand out. It was chosen for its outstanding driving dynamics, agility, and extraordinary driving experience.

A “grin-inducing package”

The 2017 All-Stars were chosen by Automobile Magazine from a diverse mix of models new to the U.S. market, revised or as a new variant. During 2016, 23 vehicles were selected for testing, with only the six models scoring the All-Star title. All six vehicles were taken to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for track time, and also taken out for extensive road tests for evaluations. It’s not a surprise the M2 was picked as an All-Star. Anyone who has driven the high-performance coupe knows of its “grin-inducing package.”

The M2’s 3.0-liter 6-cylinder inline with 365 hp and 369 lb. ft of torque is at the heart of what makes the performance coupe a thrill to drive. BMW M GmbH engineers created a sports car that could be the best vehicle the performance division has produced in decades.

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The BMW M2 defies convention, sets new standards in performance, it ramps up driver engagement, it is affordable for a larger audience and it may even be the greatest of its kind for a generation. The performance sports car is already a game-changer for the brand.

BMW’s M2 has four decades of high performance in its DNA to draw from, and it delivers in a big way. Judges praised the BMW M2 for its agility, precise steering and thrilling engine. Automobile says, “The M2 is one hell of a grin-inducing package. It’s a welcome turn back down the right path for BMW’s M division.”

Photo credit: BMW