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This Amazing Custom SEMA Subaru WRX STI Will Grab Your Attention [Video]

Check out this custom Subaru WRX STI from Corazon at the SEMA show. It will grab your attention.

Japanese tuner Corazon turns the Subaru WRX STI into a work of art that will grab your attention. It was seen at the SEMA show this past week and was a sure hit with Subaru fans. This isn’t your typical tuner as they come from Japan where they do things a little different. Every inch of the STI exterior was custom etched with what looks like a silver plating and then overworked with a floral design.

The WRX STI gets the custom body kit from Corazon with large fender flares, what looks like a black airplane wing for the trunk lid and revisions to the front bumper, side skirts and rear diffuser. And you can’t miss the blue custom alloy wheels from ACE Flowform who they collaborated with on this project.

With the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car, it’s clearly a JDM project which is a little strange since they brought it across the pond to SEMA. We can’t imagine too many tuners getting kits from Japan to sell their customers in North America.

Under the hood, this JDM WRX STI gets the 2.0-liter turbo boxer instead of the 2.5-liter the US models get. Check out the video below and see what Japanese tuner Corazon and custom wheel-maker ACE Flowform created for SEMA show goers this week.

Source: Calma Corazon

Photo: Corazon