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Amazing Crosstrek Pulls Off What No Other Subaru Can Do

The amazing new-generation Crosstrek is keeping Subaru partying. Crosstrek is doing something in 2018 no other nameplate in the lineup can do.

The new second-generation Subaru Crosstrek is amazing and is pulling off something special in 2018. No other existing nameplate in the Subaru stable is up in sales for 2018. The new second-generation Crosstrek is up an amazing 45.1 percent for the year with total sales of 111,415 units through September. All other Subaru models in the lineup are down in sales for the year. The Ascent is new for 2018 and we aren’t counting this new family hauler.

All other nameplates are down in 2018 with Subaru of America’s top-selling all-wheel-drive Outback SUV/Crossover down -1.8 percent for the year, Forester SUV (-7.7 percent), Impreza compact (-7.8 percent), Legacy sedan (-17.0 percent), WRX and WRX STI performance sedans (-9.1 percent), and BRZ sports coupe (-11.4 percent).

Impressive sales

Last year through September, SOA sold 76,814 Crosstrek SUVs in the U.S. which gives Crosstrek a huge 34,601 (+45.1 percent) unit increase over last year. New buyers are flocking to the new-generation model and the complete remodel is paying off for Subaru Corporation. Crosstrek is also the shining star of the lineup in Canada. SCI reported in August, Crosstrek outsold popular nameplates Outback and Forester in terms of outright volume.

The second-generation Crosstrek rides on the new Subaru Global Platform and received the majority of its upgrades for the 2018 model year and also received a few new updates in 2019. Subaru launched Crosstrek in 2012 and it immediately became a fan favorite with a new generation of buyers. It’s got Subaru’s “go-anywhere” attitude with 8.7-inches of ground clearance, it’s the smallest sports utility vehicle in the lineup, gets improved fuel mileage, all-wheel-drive, and comes standard with Subaru’s EyeSight driver assist technology with a CVT automatic.

Crosstrek PHEV is coming

The big news is, Crosstrek will be the brand’s first-ever plug-in-hybrid. The all-new Crosstrek Hybrid coming later this year, integrates the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) mated with Subaru’s four-cylinder direct-injection Boxer engine, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, and an all-new transmission. “The Crosstrek Hybrid combines the wide-ranging off-road capability of the gas-powered Crosstrek with hybrid efficiency,” says Subaru.

The new Crosstrek PHEV will maintain all the capabilities of the traditional Subaru Crosstrek with increased fuel efficiency. It can be driven as a normal Hybrid, using both gas and electric power and eliminating range anxiety, or driven on all-electric for local commuting. Subaru has not released the new Crosstrek Hybrid’s fuel economy numbers.

The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek is the star of the lineup and it’s keeping the brand partying. Without its impressive sales, Subaru doesn’t keep the records rolling.

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Great info on all of the Subaru SUV choices. I'm glad because I am thinking strongly of buying one of them
I keep hearing reports of a PHEV Crosstrek in late CY 2018 but all the dealers I've spoken to deny it's happening. Are they just trying to sell me what's on the sales lot now, or is this really not going to happen?
The US Hybrid Crosstrek / Prius Prime combo is apparently only going to hit a few states that have adopted the CA zero emissions.