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The All-New Subaru Ascent Surprises You And Is Now The Brand's Shining Star

The all-new 2020 Subaru Ascent is the brand’s new shining star in the lineup. See how it steals the spotlight from the top-selling Outback wagon.


Subaru is proud of the newly-redesigned 2020 Outback wagon, but it’s the all-new Ascent family hauler that steals the show in 2019. Subaru of America asked Subaru Corporation for a new 7-8 seat 3-Row family hauler because they were losing sales to the competition. Customers who were out-growing the Forester and Outback had to leave the brand and go buy the competitions mid-size 3-Row SUV because Subaru didn’t have a large family vehicle to sell them.

But that all changed when Subaru Corporation listened and designed the all-new Ascent 3-Row family hauler to replace the discontinued Tribeca. Subaru, known for their smaller all-wheel-drive vehicles like the smaller Outback set out to design the biggest vehicle in the lineup and hoped customers would respond.

2020 Subaru Ascent is a big hit with growing families

Not only did Subaru customers like the new Ascent, but Subaru is also attracting new buyers at a 60 percent clip and the new family hauler has exceeded the Camden, N.J. automaker’s expectations for the first full calendar year.

Subaru of America reports it was a record December and record year for the new Ascent SUV. It was the first month over 8,000 vehicle deliveries to customers and 81,958 3-Row models were sold to families in 2019.

2020 Subaru ascent can tow up to 5,000 lbs.

Why is the new Subaru Ascent selling so well?

The Subaru Ascent brings the brand’s signature standard all-wheel-drive platform, excellent safety ratings for families, it offers superb visibility for the driver and total comfort and tons of room for passengers. Ascent is a remarkably good value for the money. Customers can load up the Premium trim with extras and still keep the family hauler under $40,000.

The large SUV can tow up to 5,000 lbs. and gets an EPA estimated 21/27 city highway mpg. The vehicle also comes with plenty of high-tech features like Wi-Fi connectivity, USB charging, and Subaru’s Starlink entertainment system.

The all-new sixth-generation 2020 Subaru Outback is still the brand’s number one selling model in the U.S., (181,178 units sold in 2019) but without the new Ascent (81,958 units), Subaru of America does not attract a record number of customers (700,117) for the 12th consecutive year. The Ascent was up 7.1 percent for the month of December, and Outback finished with a 5.1 percent gain.

New Subaru Ascent is the largest vehicle the automaker has ever built

Subaru needed the all-new 2020 Ascent family hauler to be a hit with current and new customers and the family hauler succeeded in a big way.

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