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5 Ways Subaru Enhances the Flagship Japan-Spec 2017 Outback

Subaru Japan announces two new 2017 Outback wagons. What upgrades do the Outbacks get?

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Subaru is continuing their 50th anniversary of the Boxer engine by coming out with a new special edition 2017 Subaru Outback. It’s called the Outback X-Advance and it’s a Japan-spec model with a special outdoor gear and function design theme. The Japanese automaker also enhanced the safety and comfort of the Outback wagon with another are model being released in October. What upgrades do the two new Outbacks get?

Outback X-Advance

Inside, Outback X-Advance gets enhanced functionality for outdoor enthusiasts by combining a water-repellent fabric and synthetic leather. It comes with a unique yellow green stitching on the steering wheel and gear shift boot. Other features include a leather-tone material on the door trim, a black metal mesh on the instrument panel, door trim and Piano Black decorative trim on the dash.

Outside, the Outback X-Advance model gets black colored outside mirrors, special Yellow Green side cladding, black roof rails and special 17-inch aluminum wheels. This special edition outdoor gear model will be released in January, 2017 for the Japan market.

Subaru further enhances the flagship Japan-Spec 2017 Outback

Another 2017 Subaru Outback model will be released next month (October 3) with additional new features made to the flagship model. Subaru improved the cold weather comfort and safety on the new wagon.

The steering wheel heater function has been enhanced. The steering wheel warms up to 100 degrees in 10 minutes and then it automatically turns off after about 30 minutes by a timer function.

Subaru is always looking to improve the safety performance of their vehicles. Outbacks equipped with Subaru’s EyeSight, uses a stereo camera to recognize objects and distance for their pre-crash braking and cruise control functions. This includes a speed tracking function, active lane keeping and rear vision suppression control.

The 2017 Outback gets an enhanced lane maintenance function. Subaru engineers have expanded the operating speed of the active lane-keeping function from 60km/h to more than 65km/h to keep the wagon in the proper lane.

The Japanese automaker has also added a new, ”Oak Brown Pearl" exterior color to the 2017 Subaru Outback. Subaru has introduced these new features and models for the Japan-spec 2017 Outback wagon. Other global markets should see the new added, recreation, comfort and safety features in future Outback models next year.

Source: Subaru Japan

Photo: Subaru

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