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Subaru Impreza introduces new high-tech safety features at technology show

Subaru will introduce new EyeSight safety features on the 2015 Impreza at Technology Exhibition 2015. What new safety features are coming at Subaru?

Subaru is all about building the safest cars and will introduce even more new safety features on their new generation EyeSight. Fuji Heavy Industries (FHI) maker of Subaru automobiles brings the 2015 Impreza compact hatchback to the Technology Exhibition 2015 in Japan to show off their latest safety technology.

FHI brings the 2015 Impreza Sport five door equipped with the third generation EyeSight safety system to Technology Exhibition 2015 held at Pacifico Yokohama on May 20-22. Attendees will get to see more than 20 years of Subaru history of safety in a video at their exhibit. Technology fans can see how Subaru uses a stereo camera on the Impreza and will demonstrate the latest safety system.

Subaru’s safety history

Subaru began 26 years ago developing distance and image recognition applications for their safety system that controls the car in the same way as the human eye sees the road ahead. This is how Subaru came up with the name “EyeSight”. FHI has been the leader in developing this technology that is available on Subaru vehicles today.

Subaru demonstrates new stereo camera function

EyeSight uses a stereo camera to recognize objects and distance for their pre-crash braking and cruise control functions. This includes a speed tracking function, mis-active lane keeping and rear vision suppression control. The new EyeSight version 3 that FHI brings to the show, now features a new brake lamp recognition control that takes EyeSight’s cognition abilities even further. Subaru will be introducing this technology on their vehicles beginning in 2016.

All Subarus, including Impreza, received five out of five stars in government tests for overall crash protection, with four stars for total frontal-impact safety and five stars for total side-impact safety. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) awarded Impreza its highest rating in more.

The new Subaru Impreza Sport with this new generation EyeSight at Technology Exhibition 2015 shows what Subaru has in mind when they say they will be the overall safety leader. It’s coming soon to the newly-announced 2016 Impreza Sport Hybrid. Find out more about Subaru’s new hybrid here.