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5 reasons savvy car shoppers should look at a CPO BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is a good buy for savvy luxury car shoppers. There’s 5 reasons to check out a certified pre-owned model.


Smart car shoppers can get a good certified pre-owned 2012-2015 BMW 3 Series and save thousands off the price of a new model. Autotrader experts have rounded up 10 “Must Shop” Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) luxury vehicles that savvy car shoppers should consider. The BMW 3 Series is at the top of the list.

Why is the 3 Series a good buy?

Car shoppers looking for a luxury vehicle will have to spend a lot more to get the latest 3 Series model, yet if you are willing to get the previous generation 2012-2015 model, savvy car shoppers can save thousands of dollars. A new 3 Series can run $33,150-$49,200 depending on the model. A one-four year old CPO model can save you a lot of money and you get peace of mind with a Certified Pre-Owned car.

5 reasons to choose a 2012-2015 3 Series

CPO vehicles are a great option for savvy shoppers looking for many of the benefits of a new vehicle. A pre-owned 3 Series still offers a similar look to the new 3 Series model and can also come with BMW’s manufacturer-backed warranty. Autotrader’s criteria for making their “Must Shop” CPO luxury vehicles list includes the car having a price tag of $50,000 or less; a manufacturer-backed certified warranty; similar look to a current new car; a minimum of 5 years or 100,000 miles of powertrain coverage included in the purchase price; and an overall federal government safety rating of 5 stars.

Brian Moody, executive editor at Autotrader says, "Used vehicles can sometimes fuel uncertainty about reliability. Cost-conscious shoppers will find that Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are a great bridge between used and new cars, offering the peace of mind they want with a price tag they can afford.”

10 “Must Shop” Certified Pre-Owned luxury vehicles

What other CPO luxury vehicles made Autotrader’s 10 “Must Shop” Certified Pre-Owned list? You should also check out the 2014-2015 Acura MDX, 2012-2015 Audi 6, 2012-2015 Buick Verano, 2014-2015 GMC Sierra 1500 Denali, 2013-2015 Infiniti JX35/QX60, 2014-2015 Lexus IS, 2013-2015 Lincoln MKZ, 2012-2015 Volvo S60 and 2012-2015 Volvo XC60.

Why choose a BMW 3 Series CPO vehicle?

Sure you can find a cheaper “for sale by owner” BMW 3 Series out there. Unlike the typical used car, a certified pre-owned vehicle is put through a fairly rigorous inspection, somewhere between 100 and 160 inspection points. You will have peace of mind there aren’t expensive repair bills coming. It comes with the manufacturers warranty which covers repairs if something does happen. You can also get special financing and lease offers through BMW Financial Services that can save you additional money. BMW offers CPO-Elite with less than 15,001 miles and CPO vehicles with under 60,000 miles on the clock. There’s also two BMW protection plans to choose from depending on your budget.

Take a look at the new 2016 BMW 3 Series and then compare it with a Certified Pre-Owned 2012-2015 BMW 3 Series. It can make sense for savvy luxury car shoppers. It’s got the model’s current styling, comes with BMW’s manufacturer-backed warranty, comes with a 5 star safety rating, powertrain coverage is included and you’ll save thousands off the price of a new model.

Source: Auto Trader