2016 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, Final Edition, Lancer Evolution XI
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3 Reasons Why Nissan Should Push Mitsubishi to Bring Back Lancer EVO

How can Nissan save Mitsubishi? Bring back the Lancer Evolution performance sedan.

Nissan just took 34 percent of Mitsubishi and here’s why they need to push hard and bring back the Lancer Evolution performance sedan. If Nissan wants to revitalize the Mitsubishi brand, they need to do three things that will keep them a viable auto brand in the future. Enhance Mitsubishi’s race program, create a new Mitsubishi EVO performance division and bring back the Lancer Evolution performance sedan.

What will this accomplish?

Have you seen what Nissan and Subaru have been doing lately? Nissan is buying a failing automaker and Subaru has been setting sales record for seven straight years. What do they have in common? Both Japanese automakers have a viable motorsport program, they both have performance divisions and both build performance cars to keep fans of the brand interested in their entire lineup. Most importantly, it’s working.

Mitsubishi is failing

It’s a formula that works and it’s why Mitsubishi is failing. Mitsubishi Motor Corporation dropped the popular Lancer EVO performance sedan, they abandoned their motorsport program expect for developing their EV technology at Pikes Peak, and they don’t have a performance division like other automakers. Is it any wonder why the brand is failing?

BMW M, Mercedes AMG, Nissan NISMO and Subaru STI all contribute valuable motorsport technology that filters down to the entire lineup. It infuses the brands lineup with new performance technology that keeps their vehicles high on the fun-to drive meter. Mitsubishi has done just the opposite and they are paying the price.

If Nissan is on top of their automotive-revitalizing skills, they will turn Mitsubishi around by developing a new Mitsubishi performance division. Why not call it Mitsubishi EVO? It would be the perfect launching pad for a new high-performance program and motorsport division. Its worked for other automakers, so why not revitalize a dying brand by infusing it with a new performance division that will spawn a next-generation Lancer Evolution XI. Do it Nissan and watch Lancer EVO fans around the globe sell the brand for you with their revitalized passion.

Source: Nissan

Image source: Mitsubishi

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I love the MITSUBISHI LANCER EVOLUTION. Huge fans in USA and Canada, on Facebook and Twitter. Even China has fans on Facebook as well.
I can see this working The MR Evo Getting some Tech from the GTR maybe
I love the Evo, but maybe it's time we see something fresh and new instead. I imagine they'll start sharing platforms between the two companies much like Subaru and Toyota have with the BRZ/GT86. I would love to see a Silvia/Starion lightweight RWD platform to rival said Subaru and Toyota's ever popular road car. And since the GTR and EVO are similar in drivetrain and cornering ability, there could be a fusion of those two as well. Also a good note is Mitsubishi's EV technology which could be added in a hybrid performance system like most cars are going nowadays. All of the top end from the Internal Combustion Engine, with the instant torque from Electric Motors. I think it will be a couple years of development before we start seeing anything fun, but I think it's coming. This is the first time Nissan and Mitsubishi can openly share their technologies. NMKV was only 3rd party to their tech development.
Honestly what is wrong with Mitsubishi. I would buy a brand new specced out EVO the moment it drops, but now see myself HAVING to get an STi or Focus RS, neither of which I really care for. There are a heap of us out there that want a turbo, AWD compact sedan (not a hatch), that don't want a Subaru but there are literally no other options.
Need to bring the eclips back ang get rid of the eclips crossover. Bring back the lancer hatchback and regular lancer. Keep the outlander. Need to keep the mirage. Also bring the endeavor back. Also redesign all of these cars.