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The 2023 Subaru Solterra EV Will Make Its Mark This Year But It’s Not For Everyone

The 2023 Subaru Solterra will make a new path among new EVs making their debut this year. Here's who the Solterra will appeal to and why it will make a unique mark this winter and in 2023.

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Should you consider buying the all-new 2023 Subaru Solterra battery electric vehicle, and who is it designed for? In its first full sales month, Subaru of America reported that the all-new 2023 Subaru Solterra electric compact SUV sold 825 EVs to U.S. customers. The Solterra had 919 total model sales in 2022 after arriving in November. But Solterra is only for some new EV shoppers.

Who is buying the Solterra compact EV SUV?

Subaru Corporation made a stab at building its first-ever all-electric vehicle and put its core values into the new EV. Subaru needed Toyota's help for the first all-electric SUV, but they will not need the Japanese automaker's help after this. Subaru Corporation will design and build its new EVs in a new factory built in the next few years.

2023 Subaru Solterra EV
photo credit: Patrick Subaru

Subaru's core values are all-wheel-drive, safety, fun-to-drive, all-weather, all-terrain performance, and vehicles with a "go-anywhere" attitude.

Who were the first 919 Solterra customers?

Subaru Corporation designed the Solterra EV for active customers using the new SUV for more than a grocery hauler or commuter during the week. Subaru will draw its active customers with busy lifestyles to the new compact EV SUV.

2023 Subaru Solterra EV
photo credit: Subaru of New England

Subaru keeps customers and attracts new ones who use their vehicles to escape the city on outdoor adventures. Many use their all-wheel-drive vehicles to get further off the grid for camping, hiking, snowboarding, and kayaking on the weekends. That's who will buy the new Solterra.

The 2023 Subaru Solterra has 8.3 inches of ground clearance for customers who use the new compact SUV to escape the crowded city streets. The all-electric Solterra has better ground clearance than the Mustang Mach-E (5.7-inches) and the Tesla Model Y (6.6-inches), the Mazda MX-30 EV has 5.4-inches of ground clearance, and the Volkswagen ID.4 has 6.7 inches.

An advantage of the Solterra is its Symmetrical all-wheel-drive system with X-Mode all-terrain management. Both are standard equipment and a new Grip Control function to improve stability on rough roads. The all-terrain technology provides additional capability in deep snow and wet sand and offers hill ascent and descent assist in maximizing control in extreme winter conditions.

What are Solterra's safety scores?

Last year, the new Solterra EV earned a five-star safety award from JNCAP in Japan. Subaru Corporation reported that Solterra was awarded a maximum of five stars from the 2022 European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) safety performance test.

Customers will have to wait if they want a new Solterra

Subaru's all-new 2023 Solterra EV has arrived, but Subaru of America's allotment of the battery-electric model is already pre-sold. Customers who order a new Solterra EV now will likely get the 2024 Solterra models that will be delivered later in 2023. Subaru will make few changes to the 2024 model year only in its second year of production. But there will be a price increase.

What is the price of the 2023 Solterra?

The 2023 Solterra is offered in Premium, Limited, and Touring. Pricing for the Solterra Premium trim level starts at $46,220. The Limited trim carries a starting manufacturer's suggested retail price of $49,720. The top-of-the-line Touring trim is priced at $53,220. Prices include destination and delivery fees ($1,225). Subaru says U.S. retailers set the actual price and may charge more.

How much range and electric efficiency does the Solterra have?

The Solterra doesn't have the range of two-wheel-drive EVs. Subaru says the all-wheel-drive Solterra's estimated range is more than 220 miles. The EPA says the Limited and Touring trims levels get an estimated 111/93 city/highway and 102 combined MPGe.

How successful will the new Solterra be?

The 2024 Subaru Solterra EV will be a hot new SUV for Subaru of America, and they will sell as many as they can get from Subaru Corporation. The Japanese automaker doesn't control the production of the new Solterra, as Toyota manufactures it.

2023 Subaru Solterra EV
photo credit: Competition Subaru

Toyota will produce about 6,500 Solterra models for the entire calendar year, and Subaru of America has already sold its initial allotment of Solterra EVs to U.S. customers.

The global shift to electric vehicles is in full force, and the new Soltarra all-electric compact SUV arrives just in time for active U.S. customers. Because Subaru goes against conventional wisdom, the Solterra isn't for everyone.

Subaru keeps its loyal customers looking for a battery electric vehicle because of its all-wheel-drive all-weather performance, fun-to-drive, vehicle balance in severe conditions, and top safety scores. Subaru infused the 2023 Solterra EV with its core values, not those of other automakers.

The all-wheel-drive Subaru Solterra will be a success because it's designed for Subaru's customers looking to have some fun with their electric SUV.

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jg (not verified)    January 8, 2023 - 4:45PM

Subaru did a great job at engineering an awesome drivetrain. Toyota phoned-in a horrible engineering attempt at the most mediocre Prius+Rav4 wannabe with the fewest features their budget would allow. After almost a year of waiting and trying to set aside all the deficiencies, I finally canceled mine. I'l wait until Subaru comes out with their own EV.